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What To Expect From House Clearance Companies

Homeowners may feel it is necessary to carry out a full or partial house clearance in preparation for the sale of the property, to create more living space or to clear a home after the owner has passed away. Regardless of the reason, house clearances are a major task. Hiring a professional company can save […]

Our Clearance Services In Surrey

As a leading full-service clearance company, we get asked a lot about the services we cover and provide. Greenleaf Clearance facilitates a whole host of different services. Whether they are commercial or domestic-based, our expert team has 10 lorries on standby ready to help you with a Surrey clearing. Continue reading to find out more […]

Questions To Keep In Mind Prior To Organising A House Clearance

Approaching a house clearance should be done with adequate planning and thought. Hiring professionals can eliminate the stress and time spent clearing the space yourself. Even if you decide to hire a clearance company, there are still questions you should keep in mind.  What Do I Need To Clear And What Do I Want To […]

Transforming Your Garage In Time For Summer

The Garage, if you are lucky enough to have one, is a common storage area for the home’s clutter. Typically garages store tools, old furniture and items you don’t want inside. However, what goes in tends to stay in there, leading to a build-up of items that you try to forget about over the years. […]

Clearance And Waste Regulations – Why You Should Hire Greenleaf Clearance

For the average person living within the UK, waste management is a relatively straightforward process. Once a week your local council sends out a waste collection vehicle to empty either one or both of your rubbish bins. However, those clearing their homes or spaces cannot fit all the items into a bin for collection, typically […]

How To Reduce Stress When Moving

One of the most stressful times in our lives involves moving to a new home. Families moving for the first time may struggle with the process, often requiring removals in Sussex, to alleviate the amount of work involved within the moving process. If you are moving home soon or have already started planning to move, […]

Handling Rubbish Removals Effectively

Neglecting cleaning, along with other issues can lead to an untidy household. Most people are able to address the problem before it gets severe. However, it can be easy to put cleaning work aside and forget about it. When this happens what would have been a number of smaller jobs can quickly become a larger […]

Sanitary Clearances Done Right With Our Cleaning Services

After clearing your home, you will sometimes find mould and asbestos-related issues that have built up or formed over the years. Trying to handle these tasks can compromise your health and safety if approached incorrectly. We often find that our clients require our deep cleaning services after they have had a full or partial local […]

What Does A House Clearance Involve?

After living in a property for numerous years, carrying out a partial or full clearance may be necessary. Whether you want to create more space, prepare for the sale of the property or clear a deceased relative’s home, house clearances are a major task that should be organised and planned carefully. Hiring a professional clearance […]

What To Look For When Hiring A Clearance Company

Homes can quickly accumulate clutter and unused items, reducing the space for you to move around. Everyone is busy, so it can be hard to find the time to clear your home. The clearing is only one part of the process, after you have sorted the items you no longer want, you need to organise […]