What To Look For When Hiring A Clearance Company

Surrey Clearing

Homes can quickly accumulate clutter and unused items, reducing the space for you to move around. Everyone is busy, so it can be hard to find the time to clear your home. The clearing is only one part of the process, after you have sorted the items you no longer want, you need to organise the disposal of them. Taking multiple trips back and forth to the dump from a Surrey clearing can be extremely time-consuming and even expensive. Hiring a professional clearance company could save you a lot of time, whilst they also take care of the disposal!

How Large Is The Clearance?

As the homeowner, you are going to know what you want to be removed or disposed of. Maybe you have a room that accommodates all the items you don’t need or use, or maybe you have multiple rooms full of junk that could do with a thorough clearing? Clearing your space by yourself could take multiple hours or even days, categorising and clearing. Clearance companies have the manpower, experience and disposal methods covered, so the job that may have taken you the weekend could be done in a few hours. 

Insurance And Licensing

An important factor that should be taken into account whilst locating a reputable clearance company involves checking licences and insurance. The companies should have registration from the Environmental Agency as a certified waste carrier, they should also have insurance that provides full liability and cover for all the services they provide. Another important factor to keep in mind involves the duty of care and waste transfer notes. If you decide to go ahead with the company, you should ask for the transfer note to protect you from any fines. Without the note, you could be eligible to pay up to £2,000 if the waste company dumps your rubbish illegally.

Which Areas Do You Need Clearing?

Even though most clearance companies can remove and dispose of items in different areas in your home, it’s important to ask. Maybe your attic could do with a declutter, or maybe it’s your garage? The most effective companies attend your property to speak to you, learning what exactly needs removing, providing you with a quote free of charge before arriving to perform the actual clearance. This is a great way to get some costs before any work begins, it also provides you; the customer, with confidence in the company. Giving you a rough idea of the duration or time that the clearers will spend in your property, to avoid any complications in future. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Surrey Clearing

Are you currently in search of a professional house clearance company
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