Sanitary Clearances Done Right With Our Cleaning Services

Local House Clearance

After clearing your home, you will sometimes find mould and asbestos-related issues that have built up or formed over the years. Trying to handle these tasks can compromise your health and safety if approached incorrectly. We often find that our clients require our deep cleaning services after they have had a full or partial local house clearance done, sanitising the areas before they can be used again. 

The Importance Of Sanitary Living Conditions 

Having a clean home is extremely important, not only for hygiene and health-related purposes. Regularly cleaning your property also improves your mental health. Looking at cluttered spaces usually reminds us that we need to clean, whilst also decreasing the amount of space that we have to move around. Keeping your home clean also prevents the spread of germs, so cleaning up as soon as a mess appears will destroy the bacteria as soon as it has the chance to cultivate. Kitchens that have old food or waste sitting around for days can make you very sick, whilst also attracting insects and rodents. 

Tackling Mould And Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre used in construction up until the 90s that can cause irritation and scarring in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe, whilst also deteriorating your lungs. If you are aware that your house contains asbestos, and mould is present on the materials, it is strongly advised to reach out to professionals. Handling these materials yourself could cause irreversible damage to your body. However, getting rid of mould is much more straightforward, but it is also much more common in homes. Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to tackle and remove moulds, so you can use the space without the company of fungus!

Our Deep Cleaning Service

After clearing a client’s home, we usually find that they ask whether we perform deep-cleaning services. In short, yes we do. Our cleaning service may be the necessary next step, often recommended. We also find that clients coming to us for a complete house clearance due to them moving, often require a deep clean. As it is usually included or recommended for the end of tenancy agreements. Whatever cleaning services that you require, our professionals work hard to make sure the service is completed to the highest standard. 

Local House Clearance Services – Get In Contact 

As one of the leading clearance companies in the south of England, Greenleaf Clearance can handle and provide a wide range of services. From local house clearances and deep cleaning to garden waste removal and disposal. Our expert team has 10 lorries on standby, ready to help you. Get in touch with our expert team here for a free quote. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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