What To Expect From House Clearance Companies

House Clearance Companies

Homeowners may feel it is necessary to carry out a full or partial house clearance in preparation for the sale of the property, to create more living space or to clear a home after the owner has passed away. Regardless of the reason, house clearances are a major task. Hiring a professional company can save you time and prevent you from a lot of unneeded stress. 

What Are House Clearances?

A house clearance, as the name suggests, involves a full or partial clearance, removing unwanted contents from the property. House clearances are usually arranged during the period of preparation after the sale of a property, creating space for the new homeowners to occupy.

Another common reason includes decluttering. Living in the same space for multiple years is bound to result in an accumulation of clutter. 

House clearance companies also deal with hoarders’ homes, these jobs can be much larger and take a lot more time which is why professionals come in to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 

Relatives suffering from the loss of a loved one may also get in touch with a professional clearance company due to bereavement. Most clearance companies offer probate services that can help take the stress of clearing the space, during the tough emotional time. 

What Does The Service From House Clearance Companies Involve?

Locating the right company should be the first step towards organising a house clearance. The company will discuss the requirements of the job, asking questions about the size of the property and the items that need removal. Some companies such as Greenleaf Clearance even offer you a free quote before any work begins! The cost of the clearance is dependent on the volume and type of goods being removed. 

You should also ask the clearance companies to provide you with their licences, insurance and accreditations to verify that they are equipped and suitable to complete the job. Waste transfer notes are another important factor to keep in mind as you could be eligible to pay fines upwards of £2,000 if your waste is disposed of illegally or fly-tipped.

The professionals will then arrive on the set date and begin clearing your space, once they have collected the items they will also manage disposal and removal in environmentally beneficial ways. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Professional House Clearance Companies

If you are looking for a professional clearance company to step in and manage your clearance needs, Greenleaf Clearance may be the perfect option for you. Our expert team has 10 lorries on standby, ready to assist you. Get in touch with us on 07884 082197. We’d be more than happy to help.

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