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For the average person living within the UK, waste management is a relatively straightforward process. Once a week your local council sends out a waste collection vehicle to empty either one or both of your rubbish bins. However, those clearing their homes or spaces cannot fit all the items into a bin for collection, typically requiring a clearance company to help dispose and handle their waste. If you are thinking of a house clearance in Brighton or the surrounding areas, there is some important information you should know about beforehand. 

What Does The Waste Duty Of Care Require?

The code of practice, a set of guidelines on how to meet the requirements apply to number of different people. If you import, produce, carry, keep, treat, dispose of or control certain waste within England or Wales you are required to follow the duty of care laws. If one fails to comply it is a criminal offence with no upper limit to what the court can fine you. One should make sure that the waste is handled correctly throughout its entire journey.

This waste should also only have been transferred over to authorised carriers and businesses. An authorised company will have a valid registration as a carrier, broker or dealer but could instead have an environmental agency permit or registered exemption. Without a relevant permit or exemption, it is illegal to deposit controlled waste. For example cut grass sealed within a black bag. It is your duty as the homeowner to make sure waste produced from your home is only transferred to an authorised person or site. Professional clearers will provide you with a duty of care waste transfer note if they take your waste away for disposal.

What Does This Mean For Greenleaf Clearance?

Any company can say that they are authorised to take your waste, however you should never just take their word for it. By doing so, you risk your waste being fly-tipped and a heavy fine coming your way. On top of this, if a business cannot provide you proof that they are authorised it is also unlikely they will have access to authorised waste sites. Always do your checks and research before going with a clearance company so that you can be sure you can transfer your waste stress-free. 

Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance provide fast, reliable and legal services to our clients across the country. We also understand that sometimes things can go wrong and therefore provide full insurance and liability cover. 

Greenleaf Clearance – House Clearance In Brighton

Greenleaf Clearance provides a multitude of different services, perhaps you are looking for a house clearance in Brighton, Hampshire, Surrey or Sussex. We hold the required permits and licences and would be more than happy to provide them when asked. Give us a call on 07884 082 197 if you have any questions or queries. We also offer you a free no-obligation quote before we even get started!

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