What Does A House Clearance Involve?

House Clearance Surrey

After living in a property for numerous years, carrying out a partial or full clearance may be necessary. Whether you want to create more space, prepare for the sale of the property or clear a deceased relative’s home, house clearances are a major task that should be organised and planned carefully. Hiring a professional clearance company to carry out the work for you can be extremely helpful, saving you time and stress. 

What Is A House Clearance?

A house clearance involves the removal of contents within a household, typically organised during the moving process to clear the space for new homeowners. However, partial clearances take place to remove unwanted items, creating more space within rooms or areas of the house. Another common situation that leads to house clearances involves deceased relatives. Most loved ones would prefer professionals to clear the space as it can be very difficult to face the process themselves. Whatever your reason is, house clearance companies can save you time, and the hassle that comes with the disposal. 

Organising What You Want To Keep

It is important to remove or advise the company about certain items or belongings you want to keep, prior to the clearance. It would be wise to spend an hour or two going around the home, removing any personal items that you want to keep in your possession. Even if there are items you want to keep that are too large to move before the professionals arrive, let the team know or use labels as a reminder. 

What Does The Clearance Involve 

When the day of the scheduled clearance arrives the clearance professionals will arrive and begin work, working meticulously to remove and clear everything that they can. Then, loading the clutter into their transportation methods for proper disposal. The entire process’s speed depends on two things; the size of your property and the number of staff the clearance company has.

How Is The Disposal Of Items Handled?

Once your home has been cleared, the contents are transported to suitable waste disposal sites. Our experts at Greenleaf Clearance make sure that each item is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Whether you need a house clearance Surrey or a garden clearance in Hampshire, our expert team would be happy to help you. It is important to check that the company holds the relevant licences before going ahead with their service, as you may be eligible to pay for fines if your items are fly-tipped illegally. 

Greenleaf Clearance – House Clearance Surrey

Maybe you are planning on a substantial clearance or are in the moving process and require a house clearance Surrey? Professionals will likely save you the time and stress involved with clearance work. With 10 lorries on standby, our expert team would be more than happy to help you! Give us a call on 07884 082 197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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