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Getting Your Garden In Top Form For Summer

As the summer months emerge, making sure your garden is in top shape couldn’t be more relevant. Having a well kept, tidy garden in the UK becomes an extension of your indoor living space during the warmer months. Impress your guests at your barbecue this year with the following garden tips. If you need organic […]

Hiring A SKIP Vs Proffesionals For Your Clearance

Clearing your property is never an easy task, especially if you have to also manage the disposal of unwanted items. Instead of struggling with the time-consuming task yourself, consider your options. Hiring a SKIP is a great way to prevent several trips to and from your council’s recycling and waste disposal centre. You could also […]

The Do’s And Don’t Within House Clearances

House clearances can quickly become extremely stressful if you attempt the task without preparation. Approaching the clearance should be done in an organised manner. Local house clearance companies take the work out of your hands, literally. If you choose the right company, the clearance can be completed effectively and efficiently in minimal time.  The Do’s  […]

A Guide To House Clearances

Clearing a home can turn into a much larger task than you initially expect. Trying to manage the clearance on your own is never easy, especially when you have to dispose of unwanted items too. Why deal with the task yourself? Hiring professionals from a local house clearance company can speed up the process whilst […]

How A Commercial Clearance Could Benefit Your Business In Surrey

Whether you operate from an office or a warehouse, having an untidy workspace generally decreases productivity and the image your company represents. Why work around a mess that you don’t have time to move when professional clearers can come in and help you? We host a whole range of commercial clearance services at Greenleaf Clearance, […]

Decluttering A Hoarders Home – Our Approach

Hoarding or collecting certain items can be caused due to a mental disorder. This can make it extremely difficult to let go of the collection, often emphasised by the excessive number of items, even if the room is packed full making it difficult to move around. This usually results in a compromise of safety and […]

Arranging A House Clearance – What Are My Options

Whether you are moving or just simply decluttering to create more space, there are a number of routes you can go down to successfully do this. Whether you need a house clearance in Brighton or one in Surrey, this article will delve into the best practices and methods you can use to clear your space.  […]

How We Keep Our House Clearances Sustainable

As we handle large amounts of waste and rubbish regularly, it’s very important to us that we recycle suitable materials. Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance take pride in sustainability, we go the extra mile to ensure items are disposed of responsibly and correctly.  The Waste Issue We Are Currently Facing  The human race […]

Who Are Greenleaf Clearance

You have come to the right place if you are in need of clearance and removal services. Greenleaf Clearance is one of the leading removal companies in the South of England, hosting a range of clearance services to help you save time and stress. Continue reading to find out more about us and what we […]

Our Probate House Clearance Services

Choosing house clearance companies during a probate can save you time, money and most importantly stress. Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time, it can be even harder to clear their home if their property needs to be cleared for the next stage of the probate, whether it’s to sell or retain the […]