Getting Your Garden In Top Form For Summer

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As the summer months emerge, making sure your garden is in top shape couldn’t be more relevant. Having a well kept, tidy garden in the UK becomes an extension of your indoor living space during the warmer months. Impress your guests at your barbecue this year with the following garden tips. If you need organic waste removals in Sussex, our expert team at Greenleaf Clearance can help you!

Lawn Care

A neatly mowed lawn is one of the most important aspects of the garden. Grass that’s heavily overgrown doesn’t look great. You may have patches where grass cannot grow, re-seeding and aerating these areas will encourage root growth. You shouldn’t cut your grass too short as it can damage the root health and appearance of your lawn. During heat waves in summer it’s important to water the grass to maintain the luscious green colour.

Clear Out The Shed

Most homeowners have a shed at the back of the garden that is unused, typically storing old bikes, tools and other clutter. If your shed is just used as a wooden storage facility, why not consider taking it down to increase the garden space available? By removing everything from your shed you can easily locate items you wish to keep and items you wish to sell. This will allow you to decide whether or not it’s worth keeping. Taking a shed down can be dangerous, our expert team at Greenleaf Clearance can take down your shed or greenhouse here, also covering its disposal. 


Trying to stay on top of weeding feels like a never-ending task. Learning the correct ways to weed will prevent you from removing them every few weeks. It is essential to remove the entire weed, not just the leaves. Dig out the weed by hand, including its roots. A small scrap left behind can allow re-growth to begin. Weed killers and other chemicals can aid the process, but pet owners must be careful due to their harmful nature. 

Cleaning The Patio & Decking

If you have patio slabs or decking in your garden, when was the last time you cleaned it? It’s extremely easy for mildew, grime, dirt and other substances to accumulate on patios and decking. Our experts offer a cleaning service here that will transform your patios or decking this summer. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Removals In Sussex

Getting your garden ready for summer can be extremely difficult if you neglected it during the winter months. Instead of trying to manage the strenuous job yourself, why not consider professionals? Greenleaf Clearance is a specialist when it comes to removals in Sussex and surrounding counties. We clear gardens and manage the removal and disposal process of all green organic waste. Get in touch with our experts today on 07884 082 197.

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