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Hoarding or collecting certain items can be caused due to a mental disorder. This can make it extremely difficult to let go of the collection, often emphasised by the excessive number of items, even if the room is packed full making it difficult to move around. This usually results in a compromise of safety and even hygiene. Choosing removal companies East Sussex can help deal with the problem effectively and efficiently. 

Reducing Hoarding Tendencies 

If you think that someone you know is beginning to develop a problem with hoarding it is important to ask them; why have they accumulated so much? What purpose does it serve? How critical is it to your happiness? How would the space look in the eyes of a friend, would you be worried? Hoarding or collecting similar items is not inherently something negative, storing it throughout your home however can be dangerous, whilst reducing your own living space. There are many alternatives you can take to free up some extra space in the home whilst your hoarded items remain in your possession. 

Common Signs Within Hoarders

The hoarding disorder involves the owner feeling distressed about discarding or removing the collected items. The items may hold certain values or passions the hoarder enjoys. An excessive collection can build up, creating a cramped and uncomfortable living space. Hoarding ranges from mild to severe, in some cases, it may not impact your life, whilst in other more severe scenarios, it may affect your functioning life on a daily basis. 

Our Hoarders House Clearance Services 

We understand that hoarders hold sentimental values about the items they collect and store in their homes. However, when the space is packed full it can become dangerous and unhygienic. Letting go of the values will allow you to regain your living space once again as mess leads to stress. You could even store the items in a garage or storage facility if you truly want to keep hold of them. On the other hand, if you want to clear the space and let go of your tendencies, organising a hoarder’s house clearance is a great way to move forward fast. 

Our expert team at Greenleaf Clearance have the knowledge and manpower to tackle the clearance in no time whatsoever. After we have cleared the clutter we perform a deep clean to terminate any bacteria that has settled, allowing you to use the space immediately after we’re done. We also handle the disposal, saving you the time and money spent driving back and forth to your local community recycling centre. 

Contact Us – Removal Companies East Sussex

Whether you have a hoarding problem that needs dealing with or would like some of the rooms in your house cleared, Greenleaf Clearance can help you regain your space once again. As one of the leading removal companies East Sussex, we have 10 lorries on standby ready to collect and dispose of your waste. Get in touch with us by calling 0800 111 4607. We’d be happy to help!

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