Transforming Your Garage In Time For Summer

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The Garage, if you are lucky enough to have one, is a common storage area for the home’s clutter. Typically garages store tools, old furniture and items you don’t want inside. However, what goes in tends to stay in there, leading to a build-up of items that you try to forget about over the years. With some help from removal companies East Sussex, your garage could be tidy and spacious once again just in time for the summer.

Pre Organising

A mistake many people make when trying to clean their garage involves taking each corner at a time. Whilst this works, you’re more likely to put items back where they were originally. Instead, it is much better to pick a nice day and take everything out. With everything out you can see just how much there is. Take this opportunity to sort the items into three of the following piles; keep, sell or donate and finally bin. 

Once this is done go back through the keep pile. Anything you haven’t used in the last year or that is not in working condition is a good indication that you don’t need it. Organising this way allows you to see what needs to be kept, cleared, or collected by removal companies East Sussex.

Deep Cleaning

Once everything is out of the garage, take the time to give everything a deep clean. There is likely to be dust, stains, maybe some bugs or mould that you will likely not want sticking around. You should also wipe down and clean your items before they go back in. This doesn’t mean you should rush though, take your time with it. 

Final Steps

By this point, your garage should be clean and you should know what you are keeping. However, before you start putting everything back in, consider using shelves or storage tubs, allowing you to put much more in a small space, providing you with more storage space and room. Also, consider sectioning off areas of the garage. Your workshop and tools could be kept together in one corner, your general storage next to it for example. By keeping your items organised, you will know where everything should be helping you locate desired items faster in the future. 

The items you are selling or donating can go back inside while you’re waiting for them to be taken. Be sure to keep them separate from the rest of the garage so they don’t get misplaced. Finally, all the items you don’t wish to keep and cannot be donated or sold can be taken away by removal companies East Sussex who will cover all of your disposal and clearance needs. With the right preparation, these companies can take the items away and dispose of your unwanted items in no time!

Greenleaf Clearance – Clearance Companies

Clearing a garage is never an easy task when it’s been put aside for so long, let us help you. Greenleaf Clearance specialises in all sorts of clearance and removal work covering an array of areas across the south of England. With ten vans on standby, Greenleaf Clearance would be more than happy to help you. If you wish to contact us about our services you can fill out our contact form here.

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