Questions To Keep In Mind Prior To Organising A House Clearance

House Clearance Surrey

Approaching a house clearance should be done with adequate planning and thought. Hiring professionals can eliminate the stress and time spent clearing the space yourself. Even if you decide to hire a clearance company, there are still questions you should keep in mind. 

What Do I Need To Clear And What Do I Want To Keep?

The most important aspect to consider within a house clearance involves what sort of items you need clearing. Maybe you need a few rooms cleared, or perhaps a full house clearance Surrey? Either way, professional clearers can come in and handle the removal and disposal of any unwanted items in a short period of time. Simply let the experts know what needs to be cleared and they will do the rest! Similarly, advising them on what you want to keep will ensure that no valuables or personal belongings disappear.

What Should I Look For Within The House Clearance Company?

Choosing the right clearance company is another vital step within the clearance process. Hiring a company without the required accreditations and licences could lead to some hefty fines. You should ask the company before scheduling a clearance date if they have full insurance to take on all household clearances. Another important accreditation involves registration from the Environmental Waste Agency as waste carriers. Professional clearance companies should also provide you with a duty of care waste transfer note. As mentioned briefly above, the duty of care transfer note protects you from fly tipping fines if the company dumps your waste illegally. 

How Will The Company Dispose Of My Waste?

Most clearance companies will clear and collect all of the unwanted items and waste, using vans or lorries as suitable transport. Once they have handled your waste, where does it go? The best way to get an answer is to either contact the company or check their website. Most companies use council recycling centres, sorting the waste into material based categories. Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance ensures that all the waste we collect is sorted and disposed of sustainably and efficiently.

Greenleaf Clearance – House Clearance Surrey

We hope to have offered some insight into what you should keep in mind before a house clearance. Whether you need a house clearance Surrey or an organic waste clearance in Hampshire, our professional team has 10 lorries on standby ready to clear and collect your unwanted items. Get in contact with us here to find out more!

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