How To Reduce Stress When Moving

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One of the most stressful times in our lives involves moving to a new home. Families moving for the first time may struggle with the process, often requiring removals in Sussex, to alleviate the amount of work involved within the moving process. If you are moving home soon or have already started planning to move, consider these tips to make your life less stressful.


Months before you are due to move out of your home, you should look at the new area and the new property itself. This will allow you to get an idea of what furniture you can bring from your previous home that will be able to fit through the front door. With this knowledge already in mind, you will have much more information to work with, allowing you to start making a list of what needs to be purchased for the new place. It also provides you with the opportunity to remove furnishings and upholstery that are too big to transport with you.


Packing day is never fun for anyone and depending on the home it can take days if one is not ready for it. Consider organising your items weeks in advance. This also gives you plenty of time to find any hidden objects you may have misplaced or thought you had previously lost. By the time packing day does come around, everything will be packed and ready for transport, allowing the process to run smoothly.

Lists are an important tool during these times as they can help you keep track of everything you have done and anything else you still need to do. By making this list at the start, you can add anything you find along the way. Lists are a great way to ensure that everything is done before the moving date arrives.


It can be very difficult to handle a move by yourself. Ask your family or friends for some extra help during the process. It is wise to consider contacting clearance companies about any items you will need to leave behind. The professional clearance companies will handle the disposal of the items, saving you time and the job itself. Family and friends can provide wonderful support during these times, paired with clearance companies to improve the efficiency of the entire process. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Removals in Sussex

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