Why You Should Consider Hiring Professionals

House Clearance Hampshire

There comes a time when you need to clear out your home. House clearance can be a pretty big job with only one car and one person. With many companies that can perform a house clearance in Hampshire, it can make a big job much easier to handle. The following include the reasons why you should consider hiring professionals when it comes to house clearance. 


Time Efficiency

Hiring a professional company to do the house clearance for you can save a lot of time and can get the work done much faster. Instead of only one vehicle and one person you can have ten vans with several people. With the extra hands, the whole house can be cleared in a single day instead of spreading it over multiple days.



When doing house clearance Hampshire there tends to be a fair amount of waste, an average person may not know what to do with it all and therefore possibly throw away an item into a place it should not go. A professional will collect and dispose of any waste in a safe and correct manner that meets waste regulations. 



This is most likely one of the first few things anyone worries about when it comes to heavy lifting or taking items down from the loft or attic. You could drop a heavy box onto your foot or trip and fall down the stairs. Several different things could happen when handling a big task alone. With help from professionals, following health and safety guidelines, you won’t need to worry about you or them getting injured.


Something To Keep In Mind

Despite these positives, you should always make sure the company is trustable, is insured and has any licence they require for house clearance Hampshire. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we offer house clearances with an environmental waste licence, full liability cover including insurance over all of our operations. You can check out our FAQ for more info.


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If you’re thinking of looking for a house clearance  Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey. The Greenleaf team can help you by providing you with excellent and efficient service. Our qualified and experienced team can cover areas around the South of England with ten vans on standby. No job is too big for us! If you would like to read some of our customer reviews or check out our website click here! To get in touch with our team either submit a contact form or alternatively give us a call on 07884 082 197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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