The Rarest Items Found Ever During A House Clearance

Local House Clearance

An array of highly valuable antiques and collectables have been found over the years through a local house clearance; most of the items were of unknown value to their owners. Who knows, you may find something of value whilst we clear your home in preparation for moving or to simply regain some space!

First Edition Charles Dickens Novels 

Most people overlook books. In most cases, they are relatively worthless. Maybe you inherited some books from a relative, which was the case for a lucky homeowner in England who was informed that they had a very rare set of first-edition Charles Dickens novels that can be worth thousands per book depending on the condition. 

Paul McCartney Demo Record

A young man was sorting through his late father’s record collection when he set his eyes on a signed record from Paul McCartney. To guarantee authenticity he took the record to a Beatles shop in Liverpool to find that it was in fact real! The record then went on to sell for £18,000 at auction in 2016!

Ruler Of India’s Personal Weapons

A British couple got a big surprise when they unwrapped a bundle of old Indian weapons. After taking them to a specialist they realised that the weapons belonged to a renowned ruler of India in 1799, Tipu Sultan who was defeated by the Duke of Wellington. The historical weapons sold for a whopping £107,000 at auction. 

Violin Owned By The Bandmaster On The Titanic  

An amatuer musician unearthed an extremely rare piece of history when he discovered he owned the Titanic’s bandmaster’s personal violin. The violin was tested and proved to have been the real instrument, being strapped to the man on his body’s recovery. The violin then went on to sell for £1.1 million in 2013 at auction!

1938 Action Comics Superman 

Comics are a common item found by our team when we complete a local house clearance. You should always check through your comic collection like Micheal Rorrer did, discovering he had the first ever edition dating back to 1938. This volume 1 superman is virtually impossible to find in good condition which is why the rare comic sold for £2.8 million in New York in 2012.

Greenleaf Clearance – Local House Clearance Service 

Our expert team at Greenleaf Clearance have the knowledge and expertise to complete an array of different clearances. Whether you need your garden cleared or a house clearance, we have ten lorries on standby to arrive and dispose of your waste. For more information about our services click here, alternatively feel free to give us a call on 0800 111 4607. We’d be more than happy to help!

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