How We Tackle Compulsive Hoarders

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Dealing with hoarders can be very difficult, frustrating and unsuccessful. However, your support or advice could be the turning point for them to reclaim their space and become passionate about a clean, tidy space. The importance of organisation within your home is much more significant than just satisfaction, it has been proven by multiple studies that tidy homeowners usually have much lower cortisol levels than hoarders or collectors. 


Getting rid of years worth of clutter and junk can be a time-consuming, strenuous process. Why do it yourself when you could let the professionals? Our friendly expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance would be more than happy to assist with your clearance needs! As one of the leading house clearance companies, we have 10 lorries on standby to assist with your needs. Take a look at some of our reviews here.


The Hoarding Disorder


Collectors or hoarders usually have one thing in common, excessive attachment or obsession. They feel comfort from the item or product and in that sense collect it, when it comes to discarding the chosen thing it can be very difficult for them due to the emotional attachment. This leads to cluttered, messy, unsanitary environments in which they reside. This can eventually lead to poor relationships or unnecessary arguments over space and cleanliness, especially for those who struggle to help the hoarder. Living with a hoarder or collector can also be very difficult, with reduced space, mess and stress about your failure to change their ways. Some hoarders however suffer from complex mental health issues which explain the burning desires and obsessions to collect.


Diagnosing The Disorder


The following signs are common amongst hoarders and extreme collectors. It’s important to remember hoarding goes further than just collecting. When the living space goes beyond tidiness, organisation and general health safety.


  • The accumulated clutter blocks doors, stairways and access points – Increasing the risk of injury or fire hazards.
  • Pets have minimal room to move around and lack the necessary food or water and veterinary treatment.
  • Mould, dust, bugs and rodent infestations within the home.
  • Overestimating the importance of their collection or possessions, experiencing extreme emotional distress when attempting to remove or discard. 


How Greenleaf Clearance Can Help – House Clearance Companies In Surrey 


It’s not our job to convince a hoarder to stop hoarding, but if you convince them we would be more than happy to rejuvenate your home into a clean and organised state. Our expert team takes pride in customer service and maintaining expectations, we can scope out what work needs doing, organise a lorry to come and collect the clutter and get your home spacious in no time! 

We also take the environment and waste disposal very seriously, all the waste we collect from you will be filtered and disposed of correctly in the most effective way possible. Take a look at the service that we provide here, or give us a call on 0808 164 8226 if you would like some more information! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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