How To Help The Environment Through A Property Clearance

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Property clearances can be a chore. Often people will want to get the job done as quickly and as easily as possible as to reduce any involved stress. However as the climate crisis accelerates, many are looking for ways to be more sustainable. As house clearance Chichester professionals, we will shed light on how our property clearances can help the environment. 

Recycling Done Right 

Often those who need to clear their home will hire a skip to toss all the things they don’t wish to keep. Skips are then taken to a waste site where items are often buried in the land. Other items are simply left to rot over hundreds of years. However, the negative impact that landfills have on the environment is well documented. 

However, by hiring a professional house clearance Chichester team like Greenleaf Clearance, your waste can be properly disposed of by licensed experts. 

Every item that we take from your home can be assessed to see which bits can be recycled. We will ensure that nothing that can be recycled is taken to landfill in order to reduce environmental impacts as much as possible. 

Scrap Metal Clearance 

By making sure that scrap metal is properly recycled, the planet can save precious metal ores. This material is already rare and valuable and needs to be spared as much as possible. Additionally scrap metal recycling helps to reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and water pollution. 

Greenleaf Clearance will clear metal from any kind of premises. This includes houses, flats, commercial properties, hospitals or schools. We are a licensed dealer who will also buy any non ferrous metals. That includes clean copper, braziery, wire, lead, brass, batteries, stainless steel and copper cylinders.

Why GreenLeaf Clearance 

The waste disposal business is often full of environmental pitfalls. However, Greenleaf clearance has all the relevant licences and approvals from the Environmental Agency and Surrey Trading standards. Thus, we always recycle where we can. 


At Greenleaf clearance we understand that the current issues surrounding climate change are no longer an issue for tomorrow. It is immensely important that companies lead by example, taking action now to support the environment. We have all the relevant licences and approvals from the environmental agency and Surrey Trading standards. This ensures that your waste will be disposed of responsibly when choosing us for your clearance. 

Contact Us –  House Clearance Chichester

If you are looking for a clearance company that can dispose of your waste in an environmentally responsible way, our experts at Greenleaf Clearance would be more than happy to help you. With over 20 years of experience, we can arrive on-site offer you a free no obligation quote and clear the space whilst also handling disposals. If you would like to find out more about our house clearance Chichester or you need a local house clearance get in touch here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 111 4607. We’d be more than happy to help!

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