How Do Recycling Centres Process Waste?

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You may wonder what recycling entails after it has been collected and transported. Recycling is a lengthy process that has to go through multiple stages to ensure that the waste is categorised and cleaned. So what happens to recyclable waste once it has been collected? Whether you need a house clearance Hampshire or one in Sussex, our experts could help you!

The Process

Once your rubbish has been collected it will usually be taken to a materials recovery facility or a recycling centre. The waste is then loaded onto a conveyor belt where it is moved to a processing area. The waste is then moved to a pre-sort area where any non-recyclables are removed. This is then followed by the waste moving to an area where machines or manual workers sort and categorise the materials. The remaining materials are then cleaned and decontaminated for further use. 

How Are Different Materials Sorted?

The sorting process can involve machines, robots or manual workers. Sorting begins with the removal of non-recyclable materials. A vibrating machine separates cardboard from paper, the remaining waste is then moved along where magnets grab steel and other magnetic alloys. Optical scanners then identify and separate plastics based on their size and material. A special type of magnet is then used to pick up any aluminium materials. Glass is usually the remaining material which is dropped into a large container. Once all of the waste has been separated the materials are grouped and sent to specialist processing locations. 

What Happens To The Waste?

Paper is sent to paper mills where it is made into newspapers, tissues, cards and magazines. The card is turned into cardboard packaging. Aluminium is transformed into new cans for food and drinks. Steel materials are sent to steelworks where they are recycled into coat hangers, vehicle parts and stationary equipment to name a few examples. Plastic on the other hand has a large variety of different uses after it has been cleaned and processed, it’s usually turned back into drink bottles, packaging and even road signs.

Technologies Used Within The Process

Most waste facilities and recycling centres use the following machines to separate and categorise the waste;

X-rays – Used to distinguish different materials based on their density. 

Induction Sorting – Sent along a conveyor belt which has sensors underneath that uses air jets to remove certain items without having to touch any of the waste.

Eddy current separator – Creates a current that can separate certain magnetic materials. 

Drum screens – Waste is sent into a large drum with small holes that rotates, small waste leaves the drum through the holes in the drum whilst larger pieces remain.

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