How a Clearance Company Can Help You Declutter Your Office Before Relocation

Office Clearance

Relocating an office can be an exciting but challenging endeavour. One crucial aspect that is often underestimated involves the decluttering and removal process before the relocation takes place. Office clutter not only creates a disorganised work environment but can also lead to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies when transporting and disposing of waste. This is where clearance experts such as our team at Greenleaf Clearance can step in and manage the decluttering process for you. 

Forming A Plan Before Getting Stuck In 

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make during a relocation involves rushing. Clearing an office is not an easy task, taking the time to formulate an efficient plan could save you considerable time and stress. One of the best ways to start involves removing clutter, unused equipment and items that are no longer needed. However, most offices will likely have a number of WEEE waste items that cannot be disposed of with general waste. 

How To Manage WEEE Waste

As mentioned briefly above, WEEE waste requires specialist disposal due to harmful chemicals and electronics within certain appliances. If this waste is disposed of within general waste in landfill sites, a number of public health and safety issues can arise. WEEE waste includes computers, phones, cables, microwaves, fridges and other standard officeware that you are looking to dispose of. Find out more about WEEE waste HERE

Preparing For The Transport & Appropriate Disposal Of The Waste

After you have cleared your office, you will need to manage the transport and disposal of the waste. This task can be lengthy without suitable vehicles, as you may have to take several trips back and forth from the disposal site. You will also need to check what waste your local landfill site or recycling centre accepts before transporting to avoid complications. 

Getting Expert Help 

Clearing the clutter and unused equipment in your office is a worthwhile task to complete. On the other hand, disposing of the waste can be extremely strenuous and daunting depending on how much waste needs disposal. Our expert team has 10 lorries on standby, ready to clear and collect your waste. We provide a FREE no-obligation quote before any work begins, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We will then arrive on the scheduled date if you would like to proceed to clear any unwanted items, usually completing the clearance on the same day. We try to recycle as much as we can. Find out more about our Office Clearance services HERE

Greenleaf Clearance – Specialist Office Clearance Services 

If you are in need of an office clearance due to relocation or simply to regain some needed space, our office clearance services could save you time, effort and even money! Let our experts take the hassle out of your hands, for more information get in touch with us on 0808 164 8226. We’d be more than happy to help!

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