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Every day, more and more waste is sent to landfill sites or recycling centres. With the ever-increasing damage caused by improper disposal of waste, it is essential that homeowners make an effort to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly. Plastics and other common packing materials can be placed in bins, technology on the other hand with chemicals within will need specialist treatment. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of proper disposal of WEEE waste from our London house clearance experts.  

What Is WEEE Waste? 

WEEE waste also known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment refers to the disposal of electronic items. These may include TVs, fridges, washing machines, computers and other electronic equipment found in homes. WEEE waste was first introduced in 2003 as part of a directive to improve environmental health. 

The aim of this separate categorisation of waste was to promote the idea of reusing and recycling technology and electronics where possible. It was also put in place to reduce chemical harm to the environment when the items were disposed of with plastics and other less harmful materials. 

How Does It Affect The Environment?

Most of the rubbish that you place in your bins will end up in landfill sites where the waste is compressed and buried to degrade over hundreds of years. The problem with WEEE waste being sent to the landfill involves the chemicals within the items. They can release toxic chemicals that seep into the soil, potentially leading to contaminated groundwater systems. These chemicals can be hazardous to human health causing deadly respiratory issues as well as damaging the surrounding environment. To prevent this from occurring any electronic waste must be disposed of privately. 

What Are My Options For Disposal?

The most common way that WEEE waste is disposed of involves authorised companies stepping in and managing your clearance needs. These companies will ensure that the waste is processed and disposed of as effectively as possible. 

Another method involves donating or selling your electronics online, if the item is faulty or no longer serves a purpose you will have to dispose of it. However, you may have an old fridge or laptop that has been replaced. Selling these online is a great way to make some money back whilst helping the environment. 

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