Common Items You Should Never Dispose Of

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Getting rid of unused items or junk is good. Having a clean, organised home is much better than one full mess or things in the way, in fact, take a read about the negatives of hoarding here. However, there are several products and materials that should never be disposed of the same way as other waste. Greenleaf Clearance is a clearance company in Surrey that provides a wide variety of services. This includes services such as a house clearance in Surrey, or a scrap metal collection in Hampshire. 


Food Leftovers


Let’s face it; every day, food gets wasted or uneaten. The easiest response is to bin it, this is one of the worst things you can do. Binning scraps can cause rodent infestations which in turn then causes a new problem, who wants flies or maggots in their house? Ever heard of composting? All of your organic leftovers can be turned into something useful, the perfect fertiliser for your garden plants. You could also use the scraps for animals and nature, feeding birds, foxes and other animals that live off scrounging for food. 


Plastic Food Tubs And Containers


Why waste a food container or tub? At the end of the day, they have so many uses. Unless it has been broken, smashed or cut why not carry on using it, perhaps you could store herbs and spices, pens and pencils, tools and equipment or other accessories you want organising and contained. Getting rid of a food container is very harsh on the environment, with hard plastics taking up to 450 years to decompose.




Common household items such as glass jars and containers should be only discarded if they can no longer serve their purpose. With so many other potential uses such as glasses, holders for cutlery, office utensils and for other small items that can be stored. Glass is one of the longest materials that is sent to decompose within the environment, taking up to 1 million years to completely disappear. 


Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are one of the most damaging materials you can get rid of, binning the bag every time you get one after initial use causes detrimental effects on the environment and ecosystems around the world. The US alone is responsible for 327 billion plastic bags ending up in the ocean annually. These bags then surf the seas and up in turtles, seabirds and other aquatic life causing them pain, discomfort and death. Why not reuse your plastic bags, by doing so you will save 5p from buying another one and benefit the planet.


How Greenleaf Clearance Can Help – House Clearance Surrey 


Our expert team takes pride in customer service and maintaining expectations, we can scope out what work needs doing, organise a lorry to come and collect the clutter and get your home spacious in no time! Perhaps you need a house clearance Surrey or garden waste removed in West Sussex, we’d be more than happy to help. Just take a look at our reviews here!

We also take the environment and waste disposal very seriously, all the waste we collect from you will be filtered and disposed of correctly in the most effective way possible. Take a look at the service that we provide here, or give us a call on 0808 164 8226 if you would like some more information! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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