Why Is Waste Management So Important

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Living in a generation where plastics and packaging come with everything, it is important to understand the damage it causes to the environment when it is discarded. Knowing how to become more sustainable reduces the heavy strain on the landfill industry that is expanding exponentially. 


Did you know it takes a plastic bag 1,000 years to decompose? Imagine how many bags and other plastics are sitting underground right now. Here at Greenleaf Clearance we collect, remove and dispose of your unwanted waste and plastics. We ensure each and everything we collect is discarded in the most eco-friendly way possible. Whether you need removals in East Sussex or London, our expert team can help you!


Importance Of Waste Management


Waste management reduces the heavy toll on the environment and its habitats. By recycling, upcycling or reusing old items you benefit the planet’s well being tremendously. If everyone started recycling more, our ‘plastic problem’ would gradually start to decrease. Many things must be taken into account when discussing or planning waste management solutions. These include disposal methods, recycling methods, avoidance and reduction methods and transportation of waste. It is also essential to separate solid and liquid waste.


Methods Of Waste Disposal 


Non-biodegradable waste and toxic wastes can potentially cause serious, irreversible damage to humans and the environment if not disposed of properly. As waste disposal becomes an ever-growing issue due to an increasing population and industrialization, the following are the methods of disposal for wastes: 


Landfills – Holds daily waste/garbage items such as foods, paper and glass. The primary removal process includes burying the waste underground. 


Recycling – The process involving the transformation of an unused product into a new product to prevent energy wastage and the need for new raw materials. Recycling reduces the volume of rubbish that is sent to landfills. 


Composting – One of the most beneficial disposal methods includes turning old or dead food, plants and organic waste into plant food. Compost provides nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen which are essential for plants.


Incineration – This disposal method involves the combustion of raw materials which are broken down due to very high temperatures. This method is poor, however, due to the production of greenhouse gasses such as heat steam ash and carbon monoxide/dioxide. 


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