Why Is Decluttering Difficult?

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If you have ever attempted to get rid of old items or junk that no longer serves its purpose, you are bound to experience how time-consuming and difficult it can be. Sorting through a room is a daunting task, let alone an entire property! Why struggle to attempt the clearance on your own, when house clearance companies would be more than happy to help?

What’s Involved With Decluttering?

Decluttering, in short, is the process involved with the removal of junk or items that you no longer need. This usually entails going through each room of the home, removing and disposing of items that are neglected or that are now useless to the property owner. Decluttering is worthwhile if you are preparing to move, or you simply want to regain some valuable space at home. Clearing the clutter is only half of the process, once you have acquired an adequate number of items you will then need to manage their disposal. 

Disposing of your unwanted items is completely dependent on their size and material. Furniture pieces can be taken to landfill sites, whereas electronics are categorised as hazardous waste. Also known as WEEE waste, hazardous waste must be disposed of privately, usually involving a professional company.

Why Is It So Difficult To Get Rid Of Certain Items?

After you have collected an assortment of unwanted clutter, you then need to manage appropriate disposal. You may need to hire larger transportation vehicles if you plan on getting rid of large upholstery or pieces of furniture. 

As briefly mentioned above, electronics and technology will need to be disposed of privately due to their hazardous materials and chemicals within. Since 2004 it has been illegal to mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste during disposal. 

Scrap waste includes alloys and metals, scrap waste must first be categorised into ferrous and non-ferrous. This process separates metals based on their magnetism. The best way to get rid of scrap metal however, involves contacting a dealer. Scrap metal dealers may be able to offer you cash for your unwanted scrap. As scrap metal dealers here at Greenleaf Clearance, we would be happy to create a quote for you. 

How Experts Could Help You – House Clearance Companies 

Performing a house clearance by yourself is not an easy feat. Instead of trying to manage the lengthy process yourself, why not let professional house clearance companies step in and take over? Our expert team at Greenleaf Clearance can arrive on site and manage your clearance needs with ease. We clear, collect and dispose of your waste, with 10 lorries on standby you could be our next job!

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