What To Look For When Choosing A House Clearance Company

London House Clearance

Are you planning on removing unwanted items from your home or property for the upcoming summer? Clearing out a house can be a challenging undertaking, and it’s crucial to select the right company for the job. Identifying the key qualities to seek in a house clearance company is vital not only to ensure the job is done correctly but also to save you time, money, and stress. This article outlines the essential features and attributes to consider when choosing among London house clearance companies.

Are They Insured?

Making sure the company has insurance is extremely important, this will ensure that any accidents or injuries whilst the clearance goes ahead will be covered by the company. Most reputable companies will have insurance clearance services however, it’s always important to ask for added peace of mind. 

What Licences/Accreditations Do They Hold? 

Another important aspect to keep in mind during the company searching process includes checking licences and accreditations. The environmental waste agency licence should be held by every clearance company, if not you could run into improper disposal issues down the line. 

Have You Checked Reviews 

One of the best ways to gain information about a company is through reviews. Checking reviews from previous customers can provide you with an insight into the company you may be dealing with, any negative reviews should be taken into consideration. Checkatrade and Trustatrader are great sites for locating a verified professional clearance company. 

The Importance Of Waste Transfer Notes 

Waste transfer notes ensure that any waste that is taken from your property is disposed of legally. Some clearance companies may fly-tip your waste which could lead to fines of up to £2,500 if it’s tracked back to you. Waste transfer notes ensure that your waste will be dealt with correctly, so you have nothing to worry about. Always ask companies before the hiring process to avoid any confusion in the future. 

Greenleaf Clearance – One Of The Leading London House Clearance Providers

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