What Plastics And Rubbish Disposed Of Wrong Does To The Environment

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As more and more plastic is produced and distributed around the world annually, more of it becomes waste or landfill. In the early ’90s, a large shipping container containing over 25,000 rubber ducks was lost at sea. Those plastic ducks continue to arrive on the shores of countries to this day, in multiple oceans. We mention this to highlight how plastics take many years to degrade and decompose, which is a large issue in today’s society. 


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It’s Everywhere


At the end of the day, plastic is extremely beneficial for human use, perfect for storing food, liquids, clothes, toys, applications in cars and more just to name a few. Although it has numerous benefits for us it negatively impacts the environment tremendously. Plastic waste is found everywhere, even in Antarctica! It clogs drainage systems, litters grasslands and parks, fills the ocean and piles up underground as landfill waste. Plastic is growing increasingly common in the world’s oceans.


Impact On The Ocean


Not only does plastic pollution within our oceans cause litter pollution and mess, but it also has extremely adverse effects on marine life. Plastic trash can be found in the stomachs of 90% of the world’s seabirds. Closely followed by plastic, occupying 50% of sea turtle insides. At the rate of plastic pollution and improper disposal into the ocean, it has been predicted that by 2050 plastic waste in the world’s oceans will exceed the total mass of all marine life.


Causes Of Plastic Waste


One of the primary reasons plastic has become so largely produced and used is due to its extremely low manufacturing costs and availability. Since it is affordable and durable, companies tend to profit off of it. However, with global warming rising in concern and certain environmental groups urging governments and companies to start becoming more eco-friendly, less plastic is being improperly disposed of. Recycling allows the plastic to have multiple lives and use instead of being sent underground or into the ocean to be left to decay. 


In 1950 there were only 2.5 billion humans worldwide, now in 2021, there are over 7.5 billion. This huge rise in population is the reason that plastic is needed for mass production and use. With the higher population, the demand is also increased for plastics.


Organic Plastics


Bioplastics – These plastics originate from plant-based sources such as flaxseeds, companies are interested in bioplastics for their business as a unique selling point. However, although they are created from organic material once the polymer is made the plastic has the same effect on the environment. 


Compostable plastics – This type of plastic must be verified by third party organisations to achieve a compostable status. However, these plastics still face the same issues as they still end up in our oceans. Organic waste treatment facilities cannot treat this material, so it is then taken to be incinerated or placed in a landfill.


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