What Items Can Be Taken To Recycling Centres & Landfill Sites? 

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Waste disposal can be a daunting task – particularly if you have just moved house or looking to complete a house clearance. But never fear, our House Clearance Surrey services are here.In this article, we will be discussing what items can be taken to recycling centres and landfill sites, and how we can help you properly dispose of your unwanted rubbish. 

The Environmental Issues Associated With Landfills & Recycling

Land Use

Landfills typically require a vast amount of land. This can lead to many concerning outcomes like habitat disruption, general lack of good-quality land and deforestation. In order to make these landfills possible, many animals and other wildlife have to be pushed out of their homes. In addition, with the amount of square footage landfills require, it can really minimise how much space there is left which we can build homes on and generally live in – after all, who wants to live next to a landfill? Without recycling, both humans and animals suffer alike. 

Air, Soil & Water Pollution 

Landfills can have a massive impact on both the air and soil. Landfills are known to release various air pollutants which can include volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These hazardous air pollutants can be harmful for the overall human condition and health. It lowers the quality of the air surrounding us and can really affect humans in the long-term. 

Soil can also largely be affected by landfills. Landfills can leach harmful chemicals, which similarly to our air quality, can impact our soil. These contaminants go into the soil and pose a risk to the groundwater and surface quality water. Water is another aspect which can be severely impacted by landfills. They can contaminate nearby water sources with leachate, which is a toxic liquid procured as waste decomposes. Not only can leachate prove itself hazardous to rivers and lakes but also groundwater. 

Wildlife Disturbance

As we’ve previously mentioned, animals can find themselves pushed out of their homes due to landfill sites. However, landfills can also disrupt local wildlife in another way. Other animals may be attracted to the sites, which could potentially lead to human-wildlife conflicts. Foxes, rats and many other creatures have been found rifling through the rubbish, which can cause problems between them and humans. 

Aesthetic Issues

As well as affecting the soil, water, air, and animals, landfills are also generally not very nice to look at. Big mounds of rubbish can produce awful odours and have unsightly conditions which can negatively affect the quality of life of new and old residents. This can push down the market value of any nearby homes, and create inhabitable areas for many. 

The Importance of Correct Waste Disposal

That’s why it’s so important to correct the disposal of your waste. Instead of simply opting to use your local landfill site, recycling can have many more benefits. Recycling often requires a lot less energy when compared to extracting, processing and manufacturing raw materials. According to LitterBins.co.uk ‘when waste rots in landfill, it gives off greenhouse gases like methane which contributes towards climate change’. Recycling is a way more eco-friendly way to dispose of your waste because you cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions by doing so.

Proper waste disposal also helps extend the lifespan of existing landfills. Whilst this might sound counterintuitive, landfills only have a limited capacity and once filled, it can be costly and ecologically damaging to expand them. By correctly disposing of waste, it will reduce the need to create new ones. 

How You Should Dispose of Certain Materials 

Electronics or WEEE Waste

When it comes to disposing of old electronics or WEEE waste, many recycling centres will take them. It’s important to ring prior, as some centres may require you to make an appointment before dropping off your items. You can also check with staff if they would be willing to take your items too – their rules could differ depending on what your unwanted electronics are. 

Another great option for electronics goods is a retailer take-back program. Many shops and stores nowadays that sell electronics will take them back once you have finished with them. To cut down on electronic waste, Boots, the pharmacy and beauty store, have teamed up with Material Focus, to dispose of unwanted electronics. Boots did this to ‘encourage and make it easier for more people to reuse and recycle their unwanted electricals – instead of throwing them away or hoarding them’.

For other WEEE items, there are typically designated collection facilities which exist around the UK. These are fully equipped to handle the proper disposal of WEEE items whether that be a mobile phone, TV, personal laptop or even larger home appliances. Simply search for a nearby WEEE recycling centre to see what specific items they will accept. 


For tricky items like batteries, there are typically designated battery recycling points in most supermarkets, retail stores or recycling centres. Similar to electronics, a lot of local shops will run collection programs on these items and have bins in their stores to be used to get rid of any unwanted or dead batteries. 


Appliances can be gotten rid of in a couple of ways – depending on if they are working or not. If they are working, you can simply donate them or even sell them on Facebook Marketplace, FreeCycle, GumTree, or similar sites. 

However, if they don’t work, this is when you might need to contact a private waste disposal company. A local clearance service can help you dispose of any larger appliances, and will understand how to responsibly and legally get rid of it. Disposing of a large item can be tricky, as you need to transport it and understand how best to rid yourself of it. 

Furniture & Mattresses

The same goes for large mattress and furnish pieces. When disposing of large mattresses and furniture pieces in the UK, it’s important to find a reputable company or follow the proper procedures to ensure responsible disposal and compliance with environmental regulations. A clearance service will take away all the stress of transporting and disposing of your heavier, unwanted items. 

Alternatives to Waste Disposal

Alternatively to disposing of your unwanted items, you can also sell, donate or repurpose them. Selling your old furniture pieces can be a great way to earn some extra income. As we’ve mentioned above, there are a plethora of sites at your fingertips that make selling items you no longer need extremely easy. 

You can also donate your furniture, electronics (as long as they are still working) and other various items. This can be tricky transportation-wise, but that is where a clearance service comes in. If you have many big items to donate, and you are likely to struggle to transport them, then why not hire a team to help? If you organise your unwanted items into what you would like to donate, a professional can come in, complete all the heavy lifting and take it for you. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we can do just that. You can leave all the tricky stuff to us. All you have to do is set aside the items you no longer need and would like to donate. 

House Clearance Surrey: How Greenleaf Clearance Can Help You

We understand how important it is to dispose of waste correctly. The effects of improper waste disposal are both long term and short term, with the effects being catastrophic. If you are looking for a House Clearance Surrey, or in the London area, our team of experts would be more than happy to help you. We offer a free quote on any job, and we are here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Feel free to contact us on 0808 164 8226 for more information. 

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