Transform Your Overgrown Garden with Our Professional Clearance Services 

Overgrown Garden Clearance

We find that most homeowners neglect their outdoor living space or garden during the colder seasons. This can lead to growth that can become out of control by the time Spring or Summer arrives. Trying to manage your overgrown garden can be overwhelming without the experience or tools. That’s where our experts here at Greenleaf Clearance can step in and manage your overgrown garden clearance needs. 

Trying To Manage The Clearance Yourself

Clearing an overgrown garden is a labour-intensive process that should be approached with a thorough plan. The clearance process may require a number of days depending on the size and complexity of your garden. Before you begin the clearance, you should look into the transportation and disposal needs for the waste that will be produced. Without a suitable vehicle, you may find yourself having to make several trips back and forth to an organic waste disposal site, costing you time and money. 

Our Garden Clearance Services

We offer a range of overgrown garden clearance services here at Greenleaf Clearance. These range from entire garden clearances to organic waste disposal. We are fully insured and licensed to undertake all garden clearances. Keep reading to find out more about our individual garden clearance services.

  • Overgrown Garden Clearance 

Even if your garden has turned into a small jungle, our experts can arrive on-site to transform its aesthetic and usability. We have the manpower and equipment to clear and manage your outdoor space with relative ease. We are then able to transport the organic waste gathered from the clearance using 1 or more of our 10 lorries on standby for appropriate disposal.

  • Outdoor Furniture, Shed and Greenhouse Removal 

We are also able to collect, transport and dispose of any outdoor furniture and structures such as greenhouses and sheds. We ensure that the deconstruction of the greenhouse or shed leaves no sharp objects laying around. We will also do our utmost to make sure that we recycle whatever we can from the structures. 

  • Patio & Deck Cleaning

Your patio and decking should be maintained and cleaned before the warmer months arrive. Our cleaning services ensure that your outdoor surfaces look spotless, removing black spots, grime and dirt that has accumulated over the previous seasons. 

  • Managing The Disposal 

Once we have cleared or cleaned your garden, we will then load all of the organic or physical waste onto one of our 10 lorries on standby. As an environmental agency waste removal licence holder, we will try and recycle as much as we possibly can. We will also provide you with a duty of care waste transfer note, which protects you from fly-tipping fines of up to £2,000! 

  • How Our Service Works

Before we begin your outdoor clearance needs, we will provide you with a bespoke no-obligation quote. This quote covers all of our costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for with full transparency. We will then arrive onsite to begin the clearance process, we can typically clear most gardens on the same day. The waste will then be transported and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly practices. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Overgrown Garden Clearance London

If you are in need of an overgrown garden clearance London, our team may be able to help you. With 10 lorries on standby, you could be our next job! For more information, give us a call on 0808 164 8226. We’d be more than happy to help! 

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