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SKIP hire is a popular waste management technique that involves the use of a large metal container, typically used to contain waste. Whilst SKIP hire can alleviate waste disposal needs, there are also a number of drawbacks that should be considered before making a decision. This article highlights the pros and cons of hiring a SKIP, during your house or commercial clearance. 

Analysing Your Clearance Needs

Before going ahead and hiring a SKIP, it’s important to consider your clearance needs. You should think about the following factors; 

  • How much waste will need clearing and disposal?
  • What sort of waste do you want to dispose of?
  • How long will the clearance take?

Asking yourself these questions before hiring the SKIP will most likely save money and reduce any potential issues during the process. 

Hiring A SKIP 

SKIP hire can be a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of large amounts of waste without having to worry about transportation which can be time-consuming and expensive. Most SKIP hire companies will have a number of SKIPs ranging in size and hire duration. 


There are a number of benefits within hiring a SKIP that make it a popular choice for homeowners. Whether you are clearing a property or managing the waste generated from a renovation, SKIP hire can certainly make the process more efficient. SKIPs act as the central location for any waste gathered that needs disposal and transportation. 

Hiring is also usually cheaper than the cost of taking several trips back and forth to a landfill site. Most SKIP hire companies will also sort through your waste, recycling and separating waste based on the material for appropriate disposal. 


However, one of the main drawbacks of SKIP hire includes the space the bin occupies which may be difficult to accommodate in urban areas. 

SKIP hire can also be expensive if you will need it for a long period of time, with a medium-sized SKIP costing £190 a week on average. Find out more about the typical costs to expect on Checkatrade HERE.

What Other Options Are Available?

So you need to get rid of waste, what other options are available to you? There are a number of alternatives that may be more suitable to your needs such as hiring clearance services. If you need a London house clearance, getting professional help may be more beneficial to your needs. House clearance companies can step in, managing everything from the removal, disposal and transport of the waste. Find more about our clearance services at Greenleaf Clearance HERE.

Greenleaf Clearance – London House Clearance Services

Hiring a SKIP can be extremely beneficial in certain circumstances. On the other hand, you may find that a London house clearance company can make the clearance process much easier and more effective based on your needs. Get in contact with our experts on 0808 164 8226 for more information about how we could potentially help you. 

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