Top Mistakes Homeowners Make When Organising A New Home

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The moving process can be a very stressful time, packing up years of your life into boxes and moving into an empty house. Whilst daunting at the start, planning setting up your new home can be relatively easy and stress-free, and rushing the organisation process can be a costly mistake. Read this guide and some of our other articles regarding home maintenance here. 


Greenleaf Clearance can clear your home whilst considering the environment. With our licences, we recycle or dispose of your unwanted items in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Whether you need professional Surrey clearing or garden maintenance in Hampshire.. Our team can help! 


Allocating Rooms


If you have a good idea about how you want the new home to look when you first move in, think about how it may affect the property resale value. Houses with more bedrooms and bathrooms have a higher price tag. Converting bedrooms into studies or offices is handy for the time being but may affect the value of the home when you come to selling.


Not Following A Maintenance Schedule


Maintaining the garden or cleaning the kitchen is one of the last chores to think about when you have just moved in. That’s where Greenleaf Clearance can come in and help, regardless of the state your garden is in, our expert team can clear and dispose of any unwanted mess without hassle. 


Leaving Boxes To Collect Dust


So you’ve just moved, dozens of boxes are left stranded in the garage or other rooms. It is important not to leave them there; spiders, mice and other critters will happily settle down in your belongings. It also may cause you to feel stressed as it indicates you haven’t finished unpacking. You should try and unpack everything as soon as possible so you can move on and start living properly in the new home.


Trying To Fill Every Room As Soon As Possible


Moving into an empty house can feel strange and overwhelming, with space everywhere and nothing homely about it. Instead of rushing to buy furniture and other new decorative products, first, focus on unpacking your precious belongings and start decorating. After all of your previous stuff has been unpacked and moved into the new house then you can focus on any new furniture or decorations.


Not Maximising Space


Moving into a larger property or apartment comes with the opportunity to add more storage to improve the organisation. Organising items depending on how much you use them saves time in the long run, and moving things that aren’t often used to a drawer or cabinet in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen is a smart way to maximise space. Storage solutions such as cabinets, drawers and cupboards are perfect for decorating whilst also providing functionality. 


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