Tidy House, Tidy Mind – How Cleanliness Improves Benefits Mental Health

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Having a clean and organised home is not only visually appealing, but it also has numerous psychological benefits. Compulsive hoarders or homeowners that don’t tend to clean or clear, usually have poorer health mentally and physically. We understand not everyone can clear their homes, that’s why our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance can help you! Whether you need a house clearance in Brighton or a scrap metal collection in Hampshire, we can be sure to help. Take a look at our reviews here.


Psychological Benefits Of Organisation


Maintaining organisation throughout your home has been proven to help you, and here’s how; People with clean and organised homes are much more likely to be healthy than those without. A study conducted in 2010 available to read here, measured that women who described their homes as messy, unorganised, unfinished or cluttered were usually a lot more likely to be depressed or fatigued. The research also measured these women with cluttered homes produced higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Obviously, this one study is not absolute, concrete proof, but it does highlight some of the benefits of tidy homes. 


Why Maintaining Organisation Can Be Difficult 


As we progress through life, naturally we will acquire more stuff. Whether it’s furniture, clothes or other random items that start to build up within your home, it’s important to either store or organise these items instead of letting them pile up in rooms or spaces you are regularly in. These objects end up taking up space that could be used more efficiently, getting rid of these items can take up serious time or even be tough due to the sentimental value for hoarders or excessive collectors. Try your best to donate or throw away unused clutter that is simply gathering dust. If you really don’t want to get rid of them you could always hire a storage unit, just watch as your house becomes more organised!


Entering A Clean And Organised Home


If you have been living in an unorganised space or rooms full of clutter you may have forgotten how good a clean and organised home feels. Few things are more satisfying than entering a perfectly arranged house. However, a newly cleaned home can cause bad habits to arise again, it’s essential to stay on top of cleaning and storing. Homeowners with clean and organised homes are much more likely to feel better physically and mentally. 


The Science Behind Organisation And Satisfaction


Just think about the human body;  countless cells are organised in a specific way to function correctly. If one of your nerves out of the trillions within your body moves, entire body systems can stop working. Although a home’s organisation cannot be compared to the human body entirely, it proves the point about how organisation is key. Staying organised helps us feel better about ourselves, maintaining productivity and physical health. An organised home is an organised mind!


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