The Issues Associated With Landfills

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Any waste that cannot be recycled or reused has to go somewhere right? The majority of unusable waste ends up in landfill sites across the globe. Landfills involve excavating large amounts of dirt and earth to accommodate tonnes of waste. Landfills are a great way to get all of our waste and unwanted material out of sight, but on the other hand, they are causing detrimental damage to our planet and the environment. 

What Are Landfills?

Landfill sites exist across the entire world. They are one of the first waste management techniques implemented that are still used today. The waste within them usually consists of household and commercial waste. Waste is a cumbersome issue that humans have always had to deal with, in fact the average household in the UK produces up to a tonne of waste annually. Landfills are located, operated, designed and monitored to ensure compliance with government regulations. They are usually placed away from environmental areas, typically found in cities and industrial areas. 

When a landfill reaches full capacity it is rehabilitated and turned into a green space. The landfill is capped with a layer of cover material, clay and vegetation which forms a barrier, keeping odours and water out. 

How Do They Affect The Environment?

You may think that landfills are harmless as the waste is buried and forgotten about. However, landfills are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas pollution and unnatural toxins. Organic waste produces bacteria which breaks the rubbish down into weak acidic chemicals that form dangerous gases and leachate. Over time the toxins can begin to leach into surrounding soils and groundwater, becoming environmental hazards. Leachate is a foul-smelling liquid that contains ammonia and toxic salts. Depending on annual rainfall, the average landfill can produce enough leachate liquid to fill several Olympic swimming pools. 

What Is The Solution To Landfills

Most people would agree that waste management is an issue that needs an effective and environmentally efficient solution. The best place to start as an individual is to try and recycle everything you can and reuse waste that could serve another purpose. By doing this you are actively reducing your carbon footprint and toll on the environment. For now scientists and environmentalists are trying to form a viable solution to this ever growing crisis, talks include biodegradable plastics and other man-made materials that can decompose in short periods of time.

How Greenleaf Clearance Can Help – House Clearance Brighton

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