The Importance Of A Tidy Garden This Winter

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As winter approaches more and more daily, preparing your garden for the growing season to follow is one of the most effective ways to have a beautiful garden when summer comes. Abandoning your garden during the winter months can lead to huge pile-ups of leaves and other debris that may fall onto the grass. 


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Sweeping Your Lawn


Most homeowners face the same problems; leaves. As they fall from the trees in autumn and litter your lawn, it’s important to keep on top of their disposal/removal as they can kill the grass beneath. Sweeping/raking your garden once or twice a month during autumn and winter could save you from filling in the dead patches in the spring. The start of autumn is one of the best times to sow fresh seeds on bare patches.


Replacing Dead Plants


Since plant growth begins to slow in autumn, and completely stops in winter, it may be a good idea to replace the dead/dying plants that occupy garden pots. Planting new plants that can grow in the winter such as bulbs, evergreens, viola, hyacinths and shrubs. You could also grow some vegetables in the abandoned pots such as cabbage, broccoli, kale and cauliflower.


Feeding Your Plants And Soil


Adding fertiliser into potted plants before colder months begin will allow them to avoid soft growth and lower the chances of disease. These fertilisers promote robust, frost-resistant growth, ideal for winter. Improving your soil is just as important. Simply adding organic materials such as compost, shredded leaves and other nutrients will promote microbes with food, protecting the soil from becoming too bare during the winter months.


Cutting The Grass


Having a neatly trimmed and edged lawn will allow the grass to regrow at an even rate once again. It is advised to leave your lawn mower’s blade height a little higher due to the extra length of grass in winter. The lawnmower will also pick up leaves and other debris preventing you from bending over to pick it up.


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