Simple Additions To Transform Your Garden This Summer

Removals In Sussex

Renovating your garden for the summer months is a worthwhile decision, allowing you to impress guests and make the most of the sunshine. Simple additions or removals have the potential to completely transform your space without dedicating days of work, energy and time. Whether your garden space is small or large, this short guide will provide you with a number of solutions your garden may benefit from.


Do you want to grow more flowers in your garden without the need for pots? Getting wildflower seeds and scattering them across your garden’s lawn is the perfect way to add colour and beauty to your garden. Wildflowers take care of themselves, they just need some sunlight and the occasional splash of water, they’ll do the rest! 

Adding A Sun Shade

Sunshades do a lot more than just providing shade. Shades offer character, provide privacy and could even help certain plants flourish. Vegetables struggle to grow during the hotter months of the year, a sun shade could be the protection they need to taste even better once they have grown! Sun shades are the perfect additions to seating areas that suffer from light exposure causing yourself or guests to squint or constantly sweat.


Re-painting plant pots or fences in your garden is another great way to liven up your space. Painting plant and flower pots truly highlights them, transforming the standard terracotta pot into something unique. Adding a new colour or a lick of paint to your current fencing is the perfect way to revamp your garden space. Perhaps a shade of light blue or a dark green? 


Lawn edging is a necessary measure that should be regularly maintained. This easy and effective solution adds definition and detail to your garden, removing the overgrown scruffy look with less than an hour’s work.

Attracting Wildlife

Bird baths and bird boxes are sure to attract the attention of local birds and wildlife to your outdoor space. You can even make your own bird feeders. Who doesn’t like the sound of birds singing throughout the day?

Removing & Renovating 

Some areas of your garden may be abandoned or unused due to the space being overgrown. Tackling tall grass or shrubbery is not an easy task to manage on your own. That’s where our experts at Greenleaf Clearance can step in and assist you with your garden needs such as garden waste removals in Sussex. With 10 lorries on standby, we can clear the area and dispose of any green waste we collect, so you can start planning what to do with the extra space!

Greenleaf Clearance – Garden Waste Removals In Sussex & Surrounding Counties

Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to arrive and tackle any outdoor waste removals in Sussex & surrounding areas. Even if your garden is starting to look like a small forest that’s out of control, we can guarantee our expert team has dealt with worse. For more information about our services click here, alternatively feel free to give us a call on 0800 111 4607. We’d be more than happy to help!

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