Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind During A House Clearance

House Clearance In Brighton

House clearances in Brighton and other areas often come with some precautions to keep in mind, otherwise, health and safety could be at risk. These precautions are always followed and handled by house clearance companies to protect themselves and you from harm. However, these same precautions are important for everyone to know so more people can become aware of them. If you are considering a House Clearance then also check out our services here.


Heavy Lifting

Most house clearances in Brighton and beyond will include heavy boxes or heavy pieces of furniture that if not taken care of carefully, could lead to serious injury. Therefore when handling these objects one should ask for help and make sure they use the correct posture. That way all the weight is shared, reducing the risk involved with the spinal cord. There should also be precautions when moving these objects up or down sets of stairs to ensure no one slips or drops the object. Dropping it on a staircase could not only hurt the person that dropped it but also anyone further down should it start falling down the staircase. 



There is always a chance that food could be found during a clearance with the period it was there for, unknown. This means a breeding ground for bacteria and if care is not taken, they can get onto you or others and cause serious illness. Therefore the rooms should be checked for any food waste that has been left, never clear up the waste with bare hands. Always wear gloves or use a dustpan and brush if there is a lot of food waste. Put this food waste in a black bag and make sure it does not fall back out again. 


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