Preparing Your Garden For The Coming Colder Months

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Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, Autumn has officially arrived. It can be difficult to manage your garden during these colder months with leaves scattered everywhere and grass that seems to always be too wet to cut. Even though garden maintenance can be strenuous and cold, it’s important to sustain its condition. Maintaining your garden through Autumn and Winter will make a large difference by the time Spring and Summer roll around. Whether you need green waste removals in Sussex or Surrey, our expert team may be able to help you.

Grass Trimming & Lawn Care 

Grass care in Autumn is recommended as the soil is still warm enough to stimulate grass growth. Before trimming or mowing your lawn it is recommended to scarify, this is a process that involves a rake and your grass. The rake will collect any dead grass, old moss and other materials, preventing water and fertiliser from getting through to the roots. Adding fertiliser or lawn food will ensure that your lawn is kept strong and dense and therefore able to cope with harsher conditions. Healthy grass is also more resilient to moss and diseases. 


Another important task that needs to be completed before winter arrives involves edging and tidying your borders. Removing any dead leaves or other organic waste will not only visually neaten your garden, but it will also encourage grass to stay between the lines. Once your borders are looking neat and tidy you could add a layer of mulch/layer of compost to promote growth and health. 

Weed Removal  

Dreaded weeds. Nearly every homeowner can relate to the struggle with weeds. Growing in between paving, on borders and on lawns, even though you can pull them out by the roots to prevent them from coming back, they seem to always do. Weeds in peculiar places such as flower beds can be removed without even touching them. By sprinkling some water and scattering baking soda on the leaves you can be sure that they disappear. 

Dealing With Organic Waste 

It’s all great clearing and preparing your garden for the winter months. However, once you have mowed, cut and removed the organic matter you will need to organise its disposal and removal. Managing this task on your own can be daunting and time-consuming, homeowners will smaller vehicles may require several trips back and forth to dispose of the entirety of the waste. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Garden Waste Removals in Sussex & Surrounding Areas

Our expert team has years of experience and expertise in garden waste removal and disposal. We have 10 lorries on standby ready to arrive on-site and collect your waste. If you are currently in need of removals in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or elsewhere in the south of England, get in touch with our team on 07884 082 197.

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