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Putting a significant amount of time and effort into keeping our homes organised can be a common scenario for many of us. Home is the place where we come to relax and spend time with our family – however, this often means our office spaces get forgotten.

 Warehouses and offices are often overlooked in the clearing process, meaning that unused or unwanted supplies are left to take up unnecessary space. In this article, we will be taking a look at the benefits of getting a commercial clearance, and the best way to do it. 

Benefits Of Getting a Warehouse Clearance

Often, the effects of a messy and disorganised space goes unnoticed. However, there are in fact many benefits to reclaiming your working area and opting for an office or warehouse clearance. 

Efficiency of an Organised Space 

In any office space, efficiency is key. The more efficient processes are, the less waste of resources is produced. We tend to think of resources as physical things, such as paper and electricity. Whilst this is true, an unorganised workspace can also put a strain on your team’s energy and productivity, which can also be considered precious resources. A clear office space can make any business operations run much smoother. 

An office or warehouse can cut down on any clutter and excess inventory you may have. This can not only make working more efficient, but it can also reduce the risk of any errors and improve overall safety for both you and your team. 

Beneficial For Mental Health

You’ve heard the saying ‘clean space, clean mind’ – well, it’s true. According to Puracy.com ‘a clean and organised environment can significantly improve focus and productivity’. By opting for a commercial clearance, you can get rid of any unnecessary items that could be cluttering up the office. 

When our workspace is orderly and clutter-free, our brains are much more likely to be able to focus on work. With no unnecessary items crowding the space, your team will be much more likely to be focused and productive. With a much more dynamic team, you will notice that all processes will be more efficient and your employees will be happier and healthier – what more could you ask for?

Commercial Clearance: When to Leave it to the Experts

It can be tempting during a commercial clearance to attempt it by yourself or with your team. However, this can not only be dangerous, but also time consuming. So, when is it time to leave it to the clearance experts?

Health & Safety Risks During a Warehouse Clearance 

Like any clearance process, the removal of unwanted items from a warehouse or office can have its potential dangers. Without a professional team working with you, you could be putting yourself or your team at risk. In most office spaces, there is a lot of furniture that will need to be removed. Furniture can be heavy, increasing the risk of injury when moving it. 

As well as the potential for back, neck, leg or arm injuries, if furniture has not been stored properly, then there could also be the possibility that something could fall and harm someone. Due to this likely event, it’s always a good idea to have a professional clearance service there to help remove any heavier items. 

Hiring a Skip VS a Clearance Team

Another option that some people take rather than hiring a professional clearance team is getting a skip. When opting for a skip, there are a few regulations here in the UK that you will need to follow. According to the GOV.UK website, here are the rules you have to consider:

  • You can’t put a skip on the pavement
  • You don’t need a skip licence if you’re putting the skip entirely on private land
  • You may need to put safety lights and markings on or around the skip

Whilst having a skip may seem like the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted office items, there are actually quite a few regulations surrounding using one. Not only are there rules from the government above, but you will also not be able to use your hired skip for all of your waste. SpeedyServices.com lists all the items that you won’t be able to dispose of in your skip, such as: 

  • Appliances & electrical items
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Paints, fuel, and solvents
  • Gas cylinders
  • Plasterboard
  • Mattresses
  • Clinical waste

By hiring a clearance service, you can simply hand over this stress to a team of professionals. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we understand the laws and regulations surrounding getting rid of certain types of waste. Upon hiring our team, we can assess the best way to dispose of your office waste in the most efficient way possible. Rather than hiring a skip that can only take some of your unwanted items, it can be much more beneficial to hire a team who can remove everything for you. 

Office Clearance London: How Greenleaf Clearance Can Manage Everything

If you are looking for an office clearance London or in the Surrey area, we are here to help. During the clearance process, we understand that there are other outside stresses. We want to help you put your energy back into the other important elements of a commercial clearance, by ensuring that the removal of any unwanted clutter is done efficiently and in as short of a time frame as possible. Upon contacting our team, you will be offered a free no-obligation quote for the task at hand, and we will assess how much time and team members the job will take. 
If you have any questions prior to this process, please feel free to contact us on 0808 164 8226. Here at Greenleaf Clearance, we understand the importance of providing top-quality clearance services that not only meet our clients’ needs but also prioritise the safety of their team.

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