Our Summer Garden Clearance Services

Overgrown Garden Clearance

As the warmer months approach, there is no better time to get your garden in shape for the summer. However, most homeowners neglect their outdoor space during the colder months, leading to trees, shrubbery and the lawn becoming overgrown and difficult to manage without experience. A well-maintained garden can act as an outdoor extension of your living space. Keep reading to find out more about our garden clearance services here at Greenleaf Clearance. 

Overgrown Garden Clearance 

As mentioned briefly above, leaving your garden during the colder months of the year can lead to your garden becoming out of control. When approaching the clearance, it’s important to have an effective plan in place. We understand the time-consuming nature of tackling an overgrown garden clearance, our experts could step in and manage the entire clearance process for you. Most homeowners focus on the clearance process itself, without accounting for the disposal of the organic waste. We can arrive on-site to clear, collect, transport and dispose of your garden waste in one of our 10 lorries on standby. 

Garden Furniture Clearance 

Another common issue that arises over the years includes decaying, old or unused garden furniture. Most garden furniture has to endure the elements and weather throughout the year, leading to corrosion and rust building within the frame. Without a suitable vehicle, it can be difficult to transport the furniture pieces for disposal. We are fully licensed and insured to manage all of your furniture clearance needs in one of our lorries for appropriate disposal. 

Greenhouse & Shed Removal 

One of the most difficult aspects within a garden clearance includes disposing of greenhouses or sheds. Whilst many homes include a shed or greenhouse in the garden, if unused they can take up considerable space. Our team is experienced at disassembling and removing the glass or wood without debris or shards being left on your lawn. 

Outdoor Cleaning Services 

Your patio or decking will also accumulate a build up of dirt and bacteria throughout the year. Through the use of our professional equipment, we can remove mildew, grime and dirt from your surfaces with relative ease. Perfect for hosting guests or just to simply enjoy your outdoor space during the summer. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Overgrown Garden Clearance Services 

If your garden has become a small jungle, you may be in need of an overgrown garden clearance. Our professional team can arrive on site to clear your garden, we will then transport any waste gathered for appropriate disposal. For more information, get in contact with our team on 0808 164 8226 for your FREE no-obligation quote. We’d be more than happy to help you!

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