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Garden Waste Collection Surrey

Spring is coming, and the temperature will soon start to rise with it. It can be fun to grow your own fruits and vegetables to eat and enjoy or have some fun with the children in the warmer temperatures. Despite this without some love and care, your garden can quickly become wild and overgrown. When this happens the task of simply cutting the grass can seem daunting. Garden patios and decking can become dull, full of dirt and weeds over the year, leaving you to start cleaning it. But why should you do it all alone? 

Garden Furniture

Most gardens contain outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, these things start corroding and break apart, rotting away ruining the feel of the garden and becoming a hazard. Instead of leaving them to sit at the bottom of the garden, why not get in contact with us here at Greenleaf Clearance? We clear a wide variety of different garden furniture related items, from climbing frames to paddling pools or even old destroyed fencing. We understand the importance of your garden and therefore, provide you with the best service possible for garden waste collection Surrey. Take a look at our outdoor furniture removal services here.

Overgrown Garden

Neglecting the garden during the winter months is an easy mistake a lot of homeowners make. An overgrown garden is not only unappealing to look at, it also becomes much harder to clear when the temperatures start to warm up. Planning to single handedly clear the garden can be a daunting task to approach, not to mention disposing of all of the organic waste afterwards. Let the professionals do the hard work, we can clear all gardens whilst managing and removing any waste created. View our overgrown garden services here.

Patios and Decking

Most gardens have a patio or decking, but not everyone has the time or knowledge on how to clean them correctly. Cleaning patio decking or tiles is a very time consuming/tedious task homeowners dread. While we help to dispose of garden waste around Surrey, we can also help clean your patio and decking with our cleaning services here. Removing and clearing any mess or waste created by the cleaning, our expert team takes pride in every job. 

Sheds And Greenhouses

It is common for gardens to have an old shed or greenhouse that is primarily used for storage purposes. What’s the point in having a shed if it’s just collecting dust and cobwebs? Getting rid of your shed or greenhouse is an excellent way to increase the space within your garden. Our expert team can carefully dismantle the shed removing any wood or glass for disposal with our dismantling services here. We strive to help our customers whilst considering the environment.

Contact Us – Garden Waste Collection Surrey

Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance can handle garden waste collection Surrey. We have ten lorries on standby to help you clear that garden in no time by a team of professionals. Get in touch with our team here, or give us a call on 07884 082197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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