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Probate clearances are an important house clearance service that takes place when the property owner passes away. Hiring professionals to step in and manage the clearance process prevents family members from having to deal with fond memories and nostalgia when they try and manage the clearance themselves. Keep reading to find out how our experts manage the clearance process, whilst making sure any heirlooms or important items are kept or left alone. 

What Are Probate Clearances & How Do They Work?

As briefly mentioned above, a proboate clearance in the process of removing and disposing of a deceased homeowner’s belongings. The clearance usually involves the removal of furniture, appliances and other household items that are no longer wanted or needed by the newly inherited owner. Probate clearance companies will handle everything from the collection, transport and disposal of the waste, ideal for family members dealing with grief. 

Our probate clearance services here at Greenleaf Clearance commence when we collect the keys from a family member of a solicitor at the location. We will then discuss what items need to be left or put aside, making sure not to remove these. We can also provide a one-off cleaning service once the clearance has taken place. One of our team members will then return the keys and photograph the property. 

Why Do Most Individuals Hire Clearance Services

We completely understand how difficult losing a family member or friend can be, dealing with bereavement is hard enough let alone clearing their property. That’s why our experts are able to arrive on-site and manage the entire process, our team is always sensitive whilst taking the stress out of the clearance.

What Happens After The Clearance?

After the clearance has taken place, the property will need to be sold or transferred to the rightful heir. The probate clearance will ensure that the property is ready for sale, the proceeds if sold will then go towards any outstanding debts or expenses related to the property. 

How Our Experts Could Help You

Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance have 10 lorries on standby and decades of experience dealing with probate clearances and London house clearance services. We can usually clear the space within the same day, collecting, transporting and disposing of the waste with the environment in mind. We provide all of our clients with duty of care waste transfer notes to protect you from fly tipping fines of up to £2,000. Find out more about our probate clearances HERE

Greenleaf Clearance – London House Clearance Services

If you are currently in need of a London house clearance, our team here at Greenleaf Clearance may be able to help you! We provide a FREE No Obligation quote before any work begins so that you are fully aware of the costs involved. Get in touch with us on 0808 164 8226.

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