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Removals In Sussex

Who doesn’t like to spend time in their gardens in the summer? Maintained, tidy gardens offer an extension of outdoor living space. It’s understandable that some gardens have been left to grow wild, which is why we provide garden clearance and organic removal and disposal services. Even if your garden is becoming a small jungle, our experts have the knowledge, workforce and experience to transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for garden removals in Sussex or a house clearance in Surrey, our expert team would be happy to help.

Greenhouse & Shed Removal 

One of the most common similarities within gardens in the UK includes the presence of sheds and greenhouses. Sheds usually accommodate tools, gardening equipment and other outdoor items. Most sheds get neglected and end up as an outdoor storage facility, with the contents being rarely used. Trying to disassemble a shed on your own without experience can be difficult and not to mention dangerous. Once the shed has been taken down, you then need to organise appropriate disposal, this could entail several trips back and forth from the dump. 

Similarly, greenhouses can be a burden to homeowners. If your greenhouse serves no purpose, why keep it? Transporting a greenhouse for disposal is much more difficult than a shed due to its materials, typically glass or large plastic sheets. Handling glass can be dangerous, you could also leave shards laying on the floor. Our expert team can arrive and completely clear and collect sheds and greenhouses for disposal or recycling where we can.

Green Organic Waste Collection & Disposal 

Another strenuous task homeowners face includes clearing and disposing of organic waste. Trying to remove and dispose of your garden’s waste can be extremely time-consuming and messy. Collecting grass, leaves and other organic material from your garden and then taking it to recycling centres can take hours and even money depending on your local disposal centre. Our experts can arrive on site and collect all of your garden waste in minimal time, without you having to arrange appropriate disposal!

Garden Junk Clearance 

Old garden junk that may be wasting your garden space such as paddling pools, trampolines, fencing and other outdoor items can be difficult to get rid of. Why struggle when our experts can arrive on-site with the manpower and lorry for transportation and disposal? We can clear and collect your unwanted outdoor furniture and related items so you can regain some extra space.

Greenleaf Clearance – Removals In Sussex

 Perhaps you’re looking for some removals in Sussex to maximise your garden space. If so, our expert team would be more than happy to help you. With 10 lorries on standby, no job is too small for us! Take a look at our reviews here, or for more get in contact with our experts on 0800 111 4607.

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