Items You Should Never Dispose Of

Worthing House Clearance

When a home is full of items and starts getting to an unmanageable point, it is normally time to consider a Worthing house clearance. If you are within Worthing, Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire this could be perfect for you. However, with all the items it can be easy to forget about some that shouldn’t be disposed of. Therefore below are some items you should not dispose of and what you should do with them instead. Take a look at some of our reviews here!



We use clothes every day and there are constantly more being made. Not all clothes will fit us forever and sometimes we get sick of them. Throwing them out can be a bad idea and only adds to our rubbish problem. Instead, consider washing them and donating them to charity shops. Not only does donating them help out amazing charities, but it also allows other people to get a second life out of them. 



Another thing people forget about is toys and games that aren’t used as much anymore. If they are in good condition, instead of sending them away in worthing house clearance, consider putting them up for sale or once again donating them to a charity shop. Adults are always looking for some more toys and games for their children. It also saves any plastic from getting trapped within wildlife and causing them harm. 


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These three words we hear a lot throughout our lives, it could not be any more true in today’s climate. Many products and items hold either plastic, paper or cardboard. These three things can often be either reused for other purposes or turned into new products. Therefore when going through all the items, it is advised to double-check what could be reused and what could be turned into new products. This way when taking part in worthing house clearance, you know nothing is going where it should not.


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