How Will Waste Disposal And Recycling Change In The Future?

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The ever-growing issue involving waste disposal and recycling changes annually, with new practices being put in place to improve sustainability. Waste pollution and improper disposal play a larger factor in the health of our planet than most people think. In fact, the European Commission has recently announced a commitment to cut food waste by 30% by 2025.

Transforming Waste Into Energy 

Over the past decade, humans have developed and created natural solutions to create energy. Such as wind turbines and solar panels, what’s to stop waste from being turned into usable energy? The global market for turning rubbish into power is already worth £30 billion. Thermal and biological technologies are already being developed, turning organic waste into energy through advanced biotechnologies. 

Highly Efficient Recycling 

Recycling is a practice that’s becoming normalised around the world. Companies that produce large amounts of plastic are pledging to reuse previous plastics, melting them down for usage once again. This helps to prevent more from being created and eventually discarded. Plastic pollution is a growing concern in the ocean, decomposing very slowly and breaking into tiny fragments called ‘microplastics’. This issue has already entered the marine food chain. Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic are added to our oceans. New recycling techniques and technologies could replace the need for plastic completely with decomposable materials that disintegrate after initial use. 

Changing The Location Of Landfills

The three primary issues with landfills include toxins, leachate and greenhouse gas emissions. Every year humans dump 2.12 billion tons of waste into the ground, once in the ground methane, carbon dioxide and other toxic gases are released into the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming and climate change considerably. Once in the ground leachate can also arise, the liquid produced by landfill waste can contaminate rivers and streams. Finding new locations for waste to be discarded will not be easy. Environmental scientists have speculated about sending our rubbish into space, which has been rejected for now. Incineration is one of the best ways to remove all rubbish; however, burning these materials also causes harmful particles to enter the atmosphere. 

With global warming and climate change progressively getting worse every year, new solutions need to be put in place that are sustainable and carbon neutral. 

Greenleaf Clearance – Surrey Clearing 

Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance takes the environment seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that all waste we carry and remove is disposed of efficiently. We can clear your garden’s organic waste in Hampshire or perform a Surrey clearing, removing any unwanted contents from your property. For more information get in touch with our team here, or give us a call on 07884 082197. We’d be more than happy to help.

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