How To Perform A House Clearance

House Clearance West Sussex

Performing a house clearance is an essential step to creating a cleaner, more organised home. Knowing how to do it correctly and efficiently is vital before tackling the task, big or small. It would be wise to keep reading our top tips if you are looking for or thinking about completing a house clearance West Sussex of your own. 

Clearing Yourself Or Hiring Professionals?

It is important to establish whether you are able to tackle the task yourself as opposed to needing the help of professionals; this should be the first step in any house clearance. While most people can do it alone, it can take a lot of time and effort, you also may not have the best vehicle for the job. On top of this, not everyone will know where certain materials need to go or what centres will accept the items/materials you’re hoping to dispose of. Hiring a professional clearance company like our team at Greenleaf Clearance can help save time making sure that everything goes where it needs to with full coverage and liability insurance.


Being organised is another important factor within any clearance as it can help the whole process run smoothly. Items like mattresses will cost more to move due to them needing to go to specific centres. If you are thinking of doing the clearance yourself, having the right vehicle is essential to save you time travelling back and forth from the dump. A van is an excellent vehicle for this, with professionals able to cover all of your disposal needs.

Health And Safety

When performing the clearance on the day decided, it is crucial to make sure no one gets hurt. Using multiple people on any set of stairs could prevent someone from falling or dropping something, such as a heavy box or piece of furniture. No one wants to injure themselves. If using ladders, make sure that they are secure and there is someone to help hold it; this way, you are less likely to fall off and get hurt. Masks can be helpful for any older homes or properties containing food waste or mould, so you don’t breathe in any harmful bacteria.

Contact Us – House Clearance West Sussex

Are you looking for a house clearance West Sussex? If so the Greenleaf Clearance team would be more than happy to help you! With ten vans on standby, no job is too big for us. To get in touch with our team click here or give us a call on 07884 082197. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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