How To Make Recycling Easier

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A target was set by the government for the United Kingdom to recycle 50% of household waste by 2020. Despite Wales having met this target, the rest of the UK sadly did not, Hovering around 44-46%. Whether you recycle or not, there’s always room for improvement, every person makes a vital difference. Greenleaf Clearance provides a variety of services such as house, garden and garage clearance with all the collected waste or unwanted items being recycled or disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible. Whether you are looking for a house clearance company or need garden waste disposed of, our expert team can help you.


Tips For Recycling In Small Spaces


Recycling in small spaces can be tough, whether you live in a flat, apartment or bungalow these tips can allow you to recycle with ease.


  • Rinse containers from takeaways for re-use. Prevent any smells or contamination by rinsing and washing plastic containers that can either be recycled or re-used for personal use.


  • Flattening plastics, tins and cards allows you to store more and create more space.


  • Find storage that works for you such as stacking boxes or hanging bagsYou could be storing plastics and items for recycling whilst improving space.


If a management company arranges your weekly rubbish collection and you feel they could be doing more to separate recycling between other waste, why not host a residents meeting? Not only does this allow you to discuss what you want to see, but it also allows you to find out more about what the council is doing. When people come together to play their part, more waste will be diverted from waste to recycling. 


Hidden Recyclables


As most recycling is done within the kitchen, why not look to recycle in other areas of your home? The bathroom, office, even the living room. The following are items that are usually unknown to most that can be recycled;


  • Toilet Roll Tubes


  • Shower Gel/Shampoo Bottles


  • Aerosoles


  • Printer Cartridges


  • Clothes


By simply adding a box to each room with the primary purpose being to collect old plastics or items that have no purpose, it will allow you to collect a much higher amount of plastics and other harmful materials that would have gone to landfills to degrade over hundreds of years underground.


What About Stuff That Can’t Be Recycled


So you are trying to recycle as much as you can, that’s the main thing. Certain household items, however, cannot be recycled. Even though we try to divert as much rubbish as possible to landfills, there are other ways of disposal. Licensed waste removal companies and council waste services work together hand-in-hand, both aiming to manage the amount of waste disposed of.


Confirm what they will and won’t take; the council collection will differ from what a private collection company will accept. 


Avoid overfilling the bins; if you have excess rubbish don’t try and dispose of it in an already full bin. The council may not take it, similarly private companies may charge you extra.


Make use of food waste collection services; reduce the smell and volume of the rubbish by allocating a bin to food waste only. Not only does this reduce smells and rodent attraction, but it also diverts it from going into landfill sites.


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