How To Make Money From A House Clearance

Brighton House Clearance

It has never been easier to sell your preloved items. Many homeowners struggle to transport their belongings after a clearance, so instead of disposing of your old items, why not consider trying to sell them? House clearances are a great way to get rid of old clutter and regain space in your home. Keep reading to discover how your Brighton house clearance could put some extra money into your pocket.

Selling Online 

Once you have cleared your property you are bound to have an assortment of items that you want to get rid of. Selling your items online is a great way to attract interested buyers, making you money and getting it out of your space. Online sites such as eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace, to name a few, are great platforms to list and advertise your unwanted belongings. Simply list and describe the item and let the sites do the rest. You can either arrange for the item to be collected by the buyer or post it. It’s that simple. 

Approaching Antique Dealers

Another great way to get rid of unwanted clutter involves taking them to antique shops and dealers. Your trash may be another man’s treasure. Who knows, your belongings that you no longer need may be rare or valuable. Antique dealers can usually offer you cash on the spot, but make sure to do your research before accepting an offer, as it could be worth more than you think. 

Carboot Sales

Carboot sales are another brilliant way to get rid of an array of clutter and items that no longer have a purpose to you. With hundreds of people attending, there’s bound to be someone interested in something you have. You may have to pay an entry fee to park up and set up a stand, but after that all items sold go straight into your pocket. 

Scrap Metal Dealers

Another effective way of making money from clearing your property includes contacting a scrap metal dealer. Most clearances will involve the removal of metallic objects such as copper, steel, brass and other materials. House clearance companies such as ourselves at Greenleaf Clearance will offer you cash for any metals that you are looking to get rid of. Find out more about our scrap metal services here

Greenleaf Clearance – Brighton House Clearance 

If you are currently in need of a house clearance, our expert team may be able to help you. Whether it’s just clearing a couple rooms or the entire property, our team can arrive clearing and collecting any waste you want to get rid of. Perhaps you need a Brighon house clearance or one in Surrey, we have 10 lorries on standby ready to collect your waste. Get in contact with us here, or give us a call on 07884 082 197 for more information.

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