How To Improve Your Carbon Footprint & Reduce Your Waste Impact

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In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of global discussions, it has become imperative that individuals take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and waste impact. Our planet is facing major issues due to global warming caused by carbon emissions and excessive waste disposal. In this article, our London house clearance experts highlight the practical and actionable steps you take to improve your household’s carbon emissions and contribute to a greener/more sustainable future. 

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Before trying to make any changes in your lifestyle, it’s important to understand what the carbon footprint is. The carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases – primarily carbon dioxide, that is emitted based on your activities. Identifying the areas in your life where you contribute the most will help you to make effective changes. Improper waste disposal is another factor that is often overlooked within an individual’s carbon footprint. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

The 3 R’s are a fundamental part in waste reduction. Minimise your consumption of single-use products and look for reusable items. This will not only reduce waste but will also save you money. Instead of buying plastic bags every time you shop, buy a bag for life. Similarly, buy a reusable plastic water bottle instead of singular bottles, did you know it takes plastic up to 500 years to decompose? 

Recycling your plastics is another essential factor that should be second nature to homeowners. Placing plastics in a separate waste bin is one of the best ways to minimise your environmental impact. The waste will be then sent for treatment at a recycling facility where it is categorised and transformed into a new product. 

Composting & Green Waste Management

As the summer months arrive, more homeowners look to spend time in their gardens. Garden clearances are a great way to extend your living space to host guests or enjoy BBQs with your family and friends. 

However, mowing your lawn, trimming bushes or tackling weeds will cause organic waste to accumulate. Instead of trying to transport or dispose of the waste consider starting a compost pile. Compost can improve the health or your garden, enriching the soil and reducing the need for fertilisers for a healthier lawn. Composting will also reduce the carbon dioxide that is emitted at landfill sites.

Greenleaf Clearance – Specialist London House Clearance Services

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