How To Get Your Kids Interested In Recycling

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Adults and families across the UK are really starting to get better at recycling and becoming more environmentally friendly and conscious. With the plastic bag fee introduced, more people are bringing their own bags to shops or simply not buying one. Waste and recycling topics are now covered by the Key Stage 1 curriculum, which means year 1 and 2 students are learning about recycling and other practices to protect and preserve the environment. By introducing your children to recycling or upcycling at a young age, there is a much higher chance that they will become more interested and aware of the importance.   


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Be A Role Model


It is common that young kids look up to older people or pretend they are at an older age, having your kids watch you recycle will increase the chance of them wanting to. As kids want to copy/act as if they are an adult. By starting to get them interested and thinking the chances are they will begin to recycle themselves, whether it’s in public or at home.


Make It Entertaining 


Kids have a short attention span, by turning recycling into a game or puzzle you should expect them to engage and enjoy recycling. Why not present them with 3-4 boxes of  different materials for sorting? This will help them explore the world of materials. Doing this will subconsciously get the child thinking whether everyday items they use are recyclable, and if so what sort of material they are recycling.


Get Them Involved


Getting your kids involved with more adult tasks will not only make them feel involved but important. This is a great way to get your kids thinking about where the rubbish goes once the truck collects it.


Starting Making Compost


Another great way to get your young ones involved is to start making compost. Get them in the garden learning about how food waste can help plants as opposed to just going in the bin, helping them understand more about the benefits of food waste and other materials that have more use after they are no longer needed.


Getting Creative


Engaging your kids with tasks that require creativity is perfect for development and entertainment. Items such as milk bottles, boxes, toilet roll tubes and bottle tops to name a few are perfect for building and creating things as opposed to just throwing them away. You’d be surprised with the creations they can come up with.


Recycling Gaming


As we transition into a digital, more gaming-inclined generation why not turn your kids favourite pastimes into a beneficial learning activity. Getting your kids to play recycling games on a tablet or computer is the perfect way to keep recycling fun and interesting whilst managing their full engagement.


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