How To Dispose Of Certain Materials

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Disposing of your waste without harming the environment is a necessary measure we all need to take. Recycling is a practice that has helped to reduce the amount of waste disposed of each year. However, not everything is recyclable – certain materials require their own unique disposal methods. Whether you need removals Brighton or a house clearance in Surrey, our expert team would be happy to help you!

Disposing Domestic Waste

Domestic waste consists of general waste found within our homes that needs removal. This waste is then placed in coloured coded wheelie bins that are collected once a week by the council. The waste is then transported to a community recycling or disposal site also known as a landfill where it is crushed and preserved underground. Find out more about the impact landfills have on our planet here.

Disposing Recyclable Waste 

Material that is collected for recycling goes through a different process that involves collection, processing and manufacturing. Your recycled waste is collected from your property and transported to a material recovery facility. This facility sorts, cleans and alters the original recyclables, usually flattening them into moldable sheets. The final step involves re-purposing the recycled waste; more companies are implementing recycled goods into their business products. Common household items such as cereal boxes, water bottles and cans to name a few, are products that have been re-created through recycled waste.

Disposing Alloys & Metals

Disposing of alloys and metals isn’t as simple as the materials listed above. Metals are not biodegradable in the same way as organic material. Metals are usually melted down and reused where possible; most community disposal sites (dumps) do not accept alloys due to their extensive disposal process. Our experts at Greenleaf Clearance will happily quote and purchase your scrap metals if you plan on discarding them. We hold the scrap metal dealer’s licence which allows us to remove and collect your unwanted alloys.

Disposing Of Hazardous Waste

Most homeowners are unlikely to run into chemically hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is particularly common among businesses handling and processing harmful chemicals such as acids and alkaline materials. If disposed incorrectly, serious health and safety risks can arise. However, waste from electrical equipment and technology is also registered under hazardous waste. WEEE waste includes laptops, phones, computers and other common household electronics that need to be disposed of responsibly. 

Greenleaf Clearance – House Clearance & Disposal Specialists

Our expert team here at Greenleaf Clearance offer a whole host of clearance and disposal services, from removals Brighton to full garden clearances in Hampshire. With 10 lorries on standby, no job is too big for us! Disposing of waste yourself can be time-consuming and possibly dangerous, why struggle when our experts would be more than happy to help? Feel free to get in contact with our expert team on 0800 111 4607 or submit a contact form here.

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