How To Dispose Common Household Items

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If you are planning to clear some of the rooms in your house or the entire place, it’s important to have a good understanding of the correct disposal techniques. As recycling becomes more and more common each day, it can be difficult to get in the habit of disposing of common items correctly. Even though the majority of homeowners in the UK have a recycling bin in their property, some waste still gets sent to landfill that could have served another purpose.


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Most people don’t think twice when disposing of an empty can of deodorant or hairspray. Even partially full aerosol cans can explode if punctured or exposed to heat. Before disposing of the can, make sure to check if your waste removal company deals with aerosol cans. But most importantly, empty the can.




One of the most common household items are batteries. Everyone has used them or requires them for certain electronic products within your home. Whether it’s for a controller or for a light, they will eventually die. When the time comes to dispose of the battery it is highly important to recycle them correctly. The hazardous chemicals within the battery’s casing should not be put in a general waste bin. Instead take them to a battery disposal bin, commonly found in supermarkets.




Chemicals within paint are toxic if ingested, so make sure to use all of the paint up before you consider disposing it. One of the most effective solutions to safely disposing paint includes adding sand or sawdust to the empty can, that will harden any remaining paint. It is advised to take the empty cans to your nearest waste recycling centre where they will be correctly disposed of or reused.


Automotive Products


Any fuel or fluid that you put inside your car should stay clear from a waste bin. They are extremely flammable and toxic, and the sealed containers should be completely used and taken to your local council recycling centre to be disposed of appropriately. 


Cleaning Products


Some cleaning products are more hazardous/dangerous than others. Cleaning fluids can be mixed with water if they are in liquid form and simply drained to avoid further contamination, then rinse the bottle and recycle. 


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