How To Deal With Waste Gathered From A Garden Clearance

Overgrown Garden Clearance

Your garden acts as an outdoor living extension of your home, why not maintain its appearance and usability? Undertaking a garden clearance is a worthwhile task that can enhance the aesthetics of your property. However, they can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive if approached without planning or preparation. 

Whether you plan on cleaning hard outdoor surfaces, mowing the lawn and trimming or renovating your entire garden, it’s essential to plan. Keep reading to discover the popular techniques and disposal methods to deal with organic waste effectively and efficiently.  

How To Reuse Organic Waste 

Reusing and recycling waste in your garden is a great way to save money, time and effort whilst helping the environment. Common garden clearance tasks such as hedge trimming, lawn mowing and weeding can generate large amounts of waste in one go. Instead of disposing of the organic material, you could start creating compost. A small bin or container can be filled with the organic waste, collected along with other organic materials to decompose and create fertiliser. You can then use the fertiliser to improve the health and growth of your plants or lawn. 

How To Dispose Of The Waste Gathered

Most councils provide kerbside or organic waste collection, usually placed in brown wheelie bins. These collections are then transported to a large composting facility where the resulting product is used for agriculture and horticulture. 

Alternatively you could transport the matter yourself, most recycling centres or landfill sites have designated areas for garden waste. However, you may have to take several trips back and forth to completely remove all of the waste gathered. 

Another popular option includes hiring a SKIP, homeowners with larger gardens will most likely find SKIPs as the most effective option for organic waste disposal. These large bins can be rented over the course of a few days to several weeks, acting as a storage facility for the waste you want to get rid of. The SKIP bin and the waste within will then be collected for disposal. 

Organising Professional Clearance Services 

Maintaining a beautiful garden typically requires time and effort. Most homeowners neglect their outdoor living space during the colder seasons, causing the garden to become overgrown and untidy. That’s where our professionals can step in and manage the entire overgrown garden clearance for you. Our expert team arrives on-site before any work begins to offer a FREE No-obligation quote to ensure that you are aware of the costs and timeline involved. If you are happy to proceed we then organise a date to begin the clearance process. Once we have cleared and collected any waste we transport it in 1 of our 10 lorries on standby for appropriate disposal. Find out more about our overgrown garden clearance services HERE

Greenleaf Clearance – Overgrown Garden Clearance Services

If your garden or outdoor space has been neglected and become overgrown, you may be in need of our overgrown garden clearance services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority within all of our clearance services. We will ensure that your garden is ready for use in the months to come. Get in touch with us on 0808 164 8226 for more information. We’d be more than happy to help.

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