How To Complete A Garden Clearance

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Do you have an overgrown garden that’s in desperate need of a clearout? From lawn mowing to weeding, it can be a daunting task to try and restore your outdoor space. But with this article, you will be well on your way to completing a successful garden clearance. Even if you are unable to clear your outdoor space, our overgrown garden clearance London services may be able to help you.

Creating A Plan Of Action 

Creating a plan for garden clearance can be both exciting and intimidating. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to transform your outdoor space into something beautiful and functional. On the other hand, knowing where to start and how to tackle the task at hand can be overwhelming.

To start your plan, assess the current state of your garden. Take note of any existing plants or structures that you want to keep and those that need removing. Consider any potential hazards or obstacles in the area such as uneven terrain or overgrown trees. Once you have a clear understanding of what needs clearing, set specific goals for yourself such as clearing debris from one section each day or removing all unwanted plants within a certain timeframe.

Removing Overgrown Shrubbery

Within the garden you will likely have an array of overgrown, dying or dead shrubbery and bushes. Removing these will open up new space and make your outdoor space more visually appealing. Removing dying or dead plant life is a necessary step in all overgrown garden clearances, try and remove the shrubbery via the roots to ensure space for new plantlife.

Mowing The Lawn & Reseeding 

Mowing the lawn is a crucial aspect of maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden. It’s essential to keep your grass at an appropriate height, so it can properly absorb sunlight and nutrients from the soil. Reseeding is also necessary to ensure that new growth can thrive in patchy areas. Over time, lawns can become thin due to foot traffic, drought conditions or disease issues. Cutting the grass and then scattering grass seeds is a great way to promote growth.

Patio & Decking Maintenance

Most gardens will also feature physical landscaping such as patios or decking. Over the years these surfaces will accumulate dirt, mildew and grime, our experts can help you remove it! We can arrive on-site with suitable tools and equipment to rejuvenate your decking or patios with ease. 

Getting Professional Help – Garden Clearance London 

If your garden is in need of a clearance and you are struggling to find the time, our garden clearance London may be the perfect solution. Our experts can arrive on-site with the necessary tools and equipment to perform nearly all gardening clearance tasks. With 10 lorries on standby, we can clear, collect, transport and dispose of your organic waste without you having to even step foot in the garden! Find out more about our overgrown garden clearance services HERE.

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